Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley has released a music video for Mission To Mars. The clip is entirely animated by artist Christopher Fequiere, a first for Frehley. Chock full of KISS fandom easter eggs, this video is the second music video that we’ve seen from Frehley’s critically acclaimed Spaceman album. Mission To Mars follows the release of Rockin’ With The Boys,which was released last year.

He told the Houston Press, regarding the song:, “I’ve been a sci-fi fan since I was a kid, and when I joined KISS, we all had to come up with characters, so I invented the Spaceman. So, I’ve had a fascination with sci-fi and astronomy and space travel from a young age, so it all makes sense to me. I believe eventually were going to colonize Mars and go further.”

Spaceman was released on October 19th through eOne. Former KISS bandmate Gene Simmonsco-wrote two tunes on the record, Without You I’m Nothing and Your Wish Is My Command, the latter of which also features Simmons‘s bass playing.

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  1. I can only say moral judgement from us outside this business is at least questionable – does anyone here really know what is or was or will be going on behind these doors? Do you really? I don’t. Noone does. It is so easy to morally judge someone from sitting in front of your computer. It’s what we all do btw. because it is easy. There’s hire and fire out there, everywhere. And if my opinion is not welcome, but Doug’s is, no problem, there are more websites with music news. You say (quote) “you should not make others, whom disagree with your point-of-view, feel like they are incorrect, or invalid, in their assessment” – yes, I dsagree, but did I make him/them feel bad? I did not even directly accuse him/sb. So – is this here about expressing a variety of views or is it about repeating what’s been said before within the confines of what seems politically correct? Because if I am not allowed to state my opinion which actually might be different from sb. elses’s then this section here does not make any sense (to me). “make others Feel like they are incorrect” – well, aren’t we all adults who can handle different opinions or are we not? Please read correctly what I wrote “who are WE”, I included myself. I know I bashed Stanley more than once for what hypocrite he can be. But I can also see myself and others from a diferrent perspective, which is what I did in my original post. And unlike Doug I did not have to resort to words like sh** or as* to strengthen my argument – right? But maybe I am just trying to see things from different perspectives which to some people is just not what they want. So I’m off.

    1. I did not say your opinion was invalid, I said making others feel bad about theirs, because they question Frehely’s judgement, was not honorable, that’s all.

      Yet, to quote you, “Well, aren’t we all adults who can handle different opinions or are we not?” Yes, but your response is a bit emotive, as well.

      Finally, I am woman, and have no problem with expletives. Cursing happens to be a sign of intelligence:

      Smarter people are more likely to use curse words: , People Who Swear May Be Happier, Healthier And More Honest:

      To judge someone on using foul language seems a bit supercilious, and pretentious, does it not?

  2. I agree with RTunes68’s comments. Doug is critizing my opinion while at the same time using allegations and making his own assumptions (cf. RTunes68’s coment) seem as fact. We behave like we knew exactly that Ace fired R. just before or after his wife died, what if that was coincidence??? What if there was sth. going on between Ace and members of his former band that might have led to parting anyway, and Gene’s band came in handy at the time? Again, nobody among us will ever know. So what do you base your moral judgement on? You base it on what you “see” or “read” somewhere on the net or on YT. This is not reality, at least it can always only be a small part of the picture. So as long as that is all we “know” it is hard for me to understand why I shall not make my own assumptions. I am not forcing anyone to buy it. I am just stating opinion. If that’s already too much …. – I also agree (even though Ace has always been my musical hero) that Ace has fostered the idea of being a victim of Gene’s and Paul’s actions quite a lot. And then there’s all the mud what they keep throwing at him. It is like watching stupid kids in the sandbox. Which I see as just part of their public battle about who sets the final narrative of the importance and history of this band.

    1. El loco ,
      I enjoy because people do express different view points all the time , I enjoy all your comments as well as everyone else’s – there are some pretty awesome and intelligent people here who are very passionate about music – I don’t think anyone here wants you to go somewhere else for your music news let me just speak for me … I don’t & please stay ! – we can all get intense from time to time – no one here is being overly mean spirited – also keep in mind Dana works her ass off keeping us updated , checking stories , transcribing things and being amazing – I will always try and be as respectful as possible when I interact and express my opinion peace ~ Bob

  3. Yes, emotive. Because it is opinion. Opinion does have and shall have an emotive part. But, smarter and more honest people are more likey to use swear words, okay, so what is that supposed to tell me others? I guess (!) I don’t see (or want to see) the sarcasm, I don’t know – and to be honest, I don’t care – so by this definiton I am less intelligent and less honest than, e.g., Doug or generally than those people who do swear a lot. Now this is either trying to put the discussion on some kind of comedy level or, if it IS meant seriously, moving in a kind of ridiculous direction, at least to MY mind (which isn’t big enough, obviously) …. imagine I would have linked a website like this as a reply to Doug’s original post, wouldn’t you’ve said I was offending people?

    1. I linked that article, simply because, whether one uses foul language, or not, is not a measuring stick on which to value, or devaule, if you will, ones opinion, or judgement. You were the one who made the comparison between his response, containing salty language, and yours. I did not lead this discourse in an elementary direction, I was merely pointing out the absurdity of the comparison. Additionally, your hero, Ace, uses many a foul word, in his everyday vernacular.

      Okay, I am done, with petty debating, I am sorry I ever got started on the topic-LOL!!

      Finally, as a person, who is completely ambivalent about KISS, they all have their faults, and major foibles (just like my heros do). It just so happens, that I believe, that he handled this particular situation very poorly, and yes, it reflects badly, on him. Even if, on the off chance, the timing was coincidental, it still comes off as a selfish, and cold, decision.

    2. Of all days. Loco, calm down, bro, what I said was MY OPINION, that’s all. Relax man, you have no idea how much I love the Spaceman and or how much his music has meant to me in my life, – Hard Times?? I swear Ace wrote that song for me! My reaction to his firing of his band was of shock and disgust, why is that so hard to understand? Sorry if you don’t or can’t comprehend my frustrations, just can’t believe Ace could or would do something so low, especially after being the only member of KISS to always take the high road, as you know. My “cursing” comes out of frustration, excuse me for being human.

  4. …Who’s on the cover of the record? what’s it called, and who sells the tickets? he can have anybody he wants in his band…end of story. Sure, there is a a whole sideshow that’s been going on for decades between Ace and Kiss; my personal take is Gene got in his head and Ace was seduced by the idea of getting back in Kiss and went along with it…..Peter knows not to get mixed up with those guys again..heck, I hope I’n wrong and Ace just did what made him more secure with his financial future; he’s getting older and age and money have a very strong symbiotic relationship. Also, Ace said he sent Richie some money as a sort of severance deal and to help with this time he was going through…does that count for anything? Finally, Richie got himself another gig and maybe Ace sensed that Richie was stifled in his band and it affected his performances and sensing this frustration, didn’t want to deal with it…Richie is a great musician, guitarist, and artist, make no mistake…he should get more time to do his thing.

    But, goodness Dana can sure bob and weave with the best of ’em…lol….she can argue like a professional boxer.

    Hey Doug…Ryu is going to have the Mets for dinner tonight…:)

    1. Hey, at least we won the second game! And we only lost by 1 run last night! LET’S GO METS!!!

  5. i know ace,and ace has and always will be for what is good for ace.he was never a team player.fact!i have no idea what went on behind the scenes with firing his band,but i do know that he and esp scarlet were not buddies,they worked together for years on and off,but ace has no real friends,he never really did.and if gene got into his ear about how he could save money by hiring another band that were as good or if not better than his own ,ace would drop them just like he did like a bad habit .i worked for ace and i love the guy,but he is a very strange guy…..

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