acefrehley400 Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame inductee and former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley will perform on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon next Tuesday, August 12th, 2014, sitting in with The Roots for the show’s entirety.

Additionally, a one time only in-store appearance and signing at the Best Buy in Union Square, NYC will take place Tuesday August 19th at 6PM. Fans will be able to get their own copy of Space Invader signed by the space man himself.

Space Invader track listing:

1. Space Invader
2. Gimme A Feelin’
3. I Wanna Hold You
4. Change
5. Toys
6. Immortal Pleasures
7. Inside The Vortex
8. What Every Girl Wants
9. Past The Milky Way
10. Reckless
11. The Joker
12. Starship


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  • Trapper Crane on

    I will be watching The Tonight Show with Ace on it. Will be interesting to see if there is any word play with Jimmy and Ace.

  • Todd Fagan on

    Good for Ace, looking forward to watching the Tonight Show and listening to the album once it arrives in my mailbox. BUT, isn’t sitting in with the band what they do when the artist in question is not considered “book worthy” ? Sounds more like someone is throwing the record company a bone here. I’d rather see Ace and his band performing like a real musical guest on the Tonight Show does.

  • joseph on

    Whats so bad about ace singing about space . I dont hear any ranting when paul sings about love n Or sex and what about gene.. and look today you got this idiot and yeah im calling him an idiot tommy thayer singing about outta this world . Come on give me a break . This dude reaks to say the least. And ppl wanna insult ace frehley their the real idiots

  • Doc Mcghee's pediatrist on

    I will be watching Ace on Jimmy Fallon as well. I want to see how drunk he’ll be.

    • Doug R. on

      Then don’t watch, because he won’t be drunk.
      Today, Ace is just “high” on life, just like your buddies Gene & Paul. 😉
      The name may change, but the “address” remains the same.

    • elliot on

      doug r. puts someone in “address”!

    • Doug R. on

      Well, wouldn’t have to if everybody just stuck with the same name around here!
      Maybe I’ll start changing my name every week too. Now let’s see –

      “The Phantom Of The Park”?
      “Kiss Lunch Box From 1977”?
      “Kiss Comic Book From 1977”?
      “The Hand From The Elder Album Cover”?

      Help me out Elliot, I’m running out of ideas! Oh, I know –

      They already got the “actors” to play Ace & Peter, (Tommy & Eric)
      Doc can play the phantom.
      Now, question is, who will play gene & Paul? 😉

    • elliot on

      doug r., here’s your request:
      “carnival of cruisers”
      “shandi Griffith”
      “eric ringer”
      “doc McGee’s rap sheet”
      in the “phantom” sequel, gene will played by Mario cipollina ( former bassist of huey lewis & the news). paul will be played by steve van Zandt.

    • Paul Lynde's booking agent on

      Or perhaps he will be backstage and someone wil put their “junk” on his shoulder so he can kiss it, as he did to Peter back in the day. Yes, Ace has always been the Rock and “Role” model.

    • Eddie on

      And Gene taking polaroids of naked woman and having a sex addiction screwing thousands was a perfect role model? Nice double standard..

    • Mike B on

      Good point Eddie! This name changer isn’t making any good arguments lately.

    • Paul Lynde's booking agent on

      Like that’s even in the same ballpark? lol I smell desperation.

    • DR on

      Looks like Paul Lynde just read Paul’s book.

  • ziggy stardust on

    He can write and sing about space all he wants to you know why? Because he is the SPACE MAN. SPACE ACE the one and only the definition of a rock and roll guitar player. No pretender the real deal

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