Peter Frampton In Concert Peter Frampton was forced to take matters into his own hands at a recent concert, when two fans refused to stop taking pictures of him on stage.

And after repeatedly gesturing to the couple to refrain from taking shots and getting no response, the musician eventually grabbed the phone and launched it into the air.

Frampton, who is currently on the Guitar Circus tour supporting his new album Hummingbird In A Box, was playing at the Palladium in Carmel, Indiana when the incident occurred.

Prior to the gig, the theater announced there would be no flash photography or filming allowed. However, a couple arrived late, sat in the front row and began taking pictures and recording the performance. Despite not hearing the message, Frampton made it very clear he wasn’t happy, repeatedly gesturing at the couple to stop. They ignored the guitarist and carried on until the situation came to a head during the track Do You Feel Like We Do.

Onstage Magazine continues the story, “You could see the look of desperation and frustration on Frampton’s face and at the end of the song, he walked over with a huge smile on his face, bent down and said, ‘Hey, can I see that? Can I see the photos you’ve been taking?’ The guy handed him the phone and Frampton stood up, spun, and flung it to the rafters. The phone went flying to the back of the stage and the crowd erupted in cheers.”

After the concert, Frampton took to Facebook to post some first-hand accounts of the incident, saying: “Here are a couple of reports from the show and thanks again. We had a great show. Love the theater and the sound was great. We’ll be back.”

Frampton released Hummingbird In A Box last month – a seven-track project which came from a collaboration with the Cincinnati Ballet, while the English musician also released a stream of album track Friendly Fire last week.

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  1. He’s back to 1974 gigs…plays great, nobody cares anymore. I saw him with 20,000-100,000 people as a headliner in the 70’s….the dimwit lost all his money now he gets pissed at cell phones.

  2. Haa that’s awesome, these cell phone sickened mentally ill people need to be smacked around… no pics means no pics, .stupid, why are sooooooooooo many people in this country so dumb.

  3. I’m torn. I love a good video from a show on youtube but usually cell phone vids are not good.
    I do think if they were using flash that would be annoying.

    I was at the show in AZ Friday night and at the end just before Peter walked off stage, he looked at a woman in the front row and said “F*ck you!”. I’m not sure what she did that pissed him off. I didn’t see her take pics. She was very enthusiastic and kept putting her hands up and on the stage.

    He is very thin. Anyone know if he is having health issues?

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