glennhughesjasonbonham400 Bassist/singer Glenn Hughes has posted the following message on his Facebook page explaining why California Breed is no longer a band:

“Good morning ..

On June 2nd Jason left California Breed. We had just gone on sale with tickets for the USA and Europe tours. I felt it necessary to commit to these shows, as we had recorded an album and we needed to play and promote our work.Joey C came in and played drums,and helped us out on tour, and I am supremely grateful for this.

What I couldn’t commit to was a second album. Cali Breed was Jason, Andrew and myself, and there was no way moving forward without all 3 original members.

Over the past 4 decades I have built a very loving and loyal fan base, where I know most of you, through touring, signing autographs for all, or on social networks, where I see your photographs or avatar, and answer you, in whatever you wish to ask or share with me. Those of you who have met me, or know me, know that I deeply care about LIFE…

I am currently working on 3 projects, 2 musical & one movie …I will give more details as I move forward.
This is a loving … And safe place. The Canvas of my LIFE is vast …and I go …where my spirit.. Leads me ..

Big love to all my fans, friends and GOLDEN ones across our Planet …

In my world LOVE is the answer .. Remember this.”

California Breed released their self-titled debut album on May 20th, 2014. The band released several videos for songs off the album including Sweet Tea, Midnight Oil and The Way.

In a November 2014 interview with Rocktologist, Hughes stated that he was not sure if the band was going to continue without drummer Jason Bonham.

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  • Harry Taint on

    The canvas of my life is RC cola, moon pies and weed.

  • Medved on

    Andrew Watt is too good of a talent to waste. Hope he continues on, either solo or hooking up with another band.

  • Mr. Rock And Roll on

    This dude is wakin’ and bakin’ daily, bet you dollars to donuts buddy.

  • James K. on

    Glenn’s in his 60’s now, he should just give up on starting another new band and just be Glenn Hughes. Flying solo, he can do whatever he wants without a band to piss off, which has to be what happened. He can do a solo record, get a great backing band and go do shows and cover his entire career, from Trapeze to Deep Purple all the way through Black Country Communion and California Breed and everything in between.

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