glennhughesjasonbonham400 Daniel Pavlica of The Rocktologist spoke with singer Glenn Hughes. Excerpts appear below.

The Rocktologist:…is Jason Bonham returning to the band at some point in the future?

Hughes: No, Jason won’t be returning. His other commitments were getting in the way of his California Breed schedule. I have no disrespect for Jason, only tons of love. You know, I’ve known him every since he was a little boy. It’s just that he chose to work with other people when in fact he should be working with California Breed. And, you know, I’m a workaholic. When I’m working on an album or doing tours I give it all, heart and soul. For some reason Jason didn’t want to be part of that. And it’s OK, we’ve moved on.

The Rocktologist: Do you see longevity in California Breed? How do you see the bands progress in future?

Hughes: I’m not sure. You know me well enough to understand that I always keep my fingers in a lot of different things. I’m working on some other stuff which at this moment I can’t talk about. But I want to you know that I’m going to be busy. I always like to do things new and exciting.

The Rocktologist:..I always wondered how you manage to keep your voice in such astounding form, especially when so many of your peers are more or less struggling in that department nowadays.

Hughes: (laughs) You know man, it’s not foolproof but I’ll tell you what it is. You know I don’t smoke, don’t do drugs or drink alcohol. I absolutely need to get 8 hours of sleep at night. Years ago I didn’t do that, I might have been drinking or whatever. I watch what I eat and I run 4 or 5 kilometers every morning. Also breathing is the key ingredient with singing, it’s important to breathe appropriately. You know, I sing a lot of long notes and apparently I have really big lungs, which helps.

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Since Bonham is no longer part of California Breed, Hughes and guitarist Andrew Watt recently chose Joey Castillo (Queens Of The Stone Age) to play drums for the band for the band’s remaining tour dates.


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  1. i wont name drop , but i have a good friend who knows Glenn, i have never met the man, but hear he is a real good guy, very down to earth , but all musicians have egos’s and want to make a connection to people with their music, i would think someone of glenns stature , would naturally be a leader in a band situation, with all his experience working with different players over the years. all i can say is even under the best situation keeping a band together is very hard . and when you are at a level of success like hughes, bonnamassa, jason b. etc..someone has to be the leader, i think sometimes the ” to many chefs spoil the meal ” thing occurs , every one has to get their ideas in. it’s just human nature. i also agree the music business as it is now makes it hard to really succeed , maybe all these superstars come together to try to catch lightning in a bottle one more time…….

  2. Lee, are you saying Bonham in AC/DC? That would be interesting. It also makes me recall reading an article when Sabbath was looking to replace Ward and Ginger Baker was suggested to the band. They respectfully declined because they said he was crazy!!

  3. I thought California breed was good but Bonhom was the main sound of the band. I wish projects weren’t so short lived but that’s music world we live in. Fm radio or classic rock radio won’t even touch new music ever which is stupid but program directors only care about ratings but that’s business.

  4. AC/DC has unlimited money… say they haven’t offered Bonham the seat is ridiculous but Jason doesn’t care much like Neil Young dumping CSNY & Buffalo Springfield 3 month slots for huge money recently. They do as they please. Maybe Jason will be with Page in 2015.

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