Very disturbing news about the Phil Rudd situation. I’ve been reading the various media reports and it obviously sounds very serious and sad if true. As usual before making any judgements I’d prefer to wait to see how it all plays out and what the legal system determines. A few things are obvious however. It is hard to believe the band and their reps didn’t know something was coming down with Rudd and explains why he was not in the official press photo and apparently the video for the “Play Ball” clip. You would have to think that they easily would have photo shopped him in to the press shot if it was just a conflict which kept him from making the session. Tons of bands do that and a band as major as AC/DC would not have released an official press photo without a key member if they didn’t sense there could be possible issues. Just makes no sense. The band has released a statement saying they didn’t know about anything until the news just broke but thinking it’s just coincidence that Rudd was not being in the photo is far reaching. They have stated everything is moving forward as planned. With a massive tour planned for next year unless he is exonerated from these accusations you would have to think AC/DC needs a new drummer ASAP. Not only for the tour but with the album coming promo appearances too. Do they go back to Chris Slade or Simon Wright? Or get totally new blood. Sad to see one of the great iconic bands now down two key members but the simple truth is neither loss will cost them one less ticket sold. Every band has the key members that if they lost would hurt the draw. In AC/DC’s case it’s Brian and of course Angus. That’s what the mainstream knows and sees. We are hardcore fans. We know and care if Bill Ward, Michael Anthony, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss, etc aren’t there, and many of us still go as well. But to the masses as long as AC/DC plays the hits, Angus is the schoolboy, and Brian is singing, it won’t cost them a ticket. Right or wrong it’s just the truth. AC/DC has always been kind of stealth in the way they do things. Not releasing much info and very little social media presence. The Young brothers call all the shows and with Malcolm down that means Angus. Let’s see what the next moves are. No doubt more to come but as much as it sucks to lose the rock solid Rudd, this will no doubt not impact any plans that were already in place. Who do you think should play drums assuming it’s not Phil?

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  • Larry on

    I wonder if Micky Curry is available

  • wesley on

    If theirs a change you know it will be Bob Richards. hes friends with Stevie you know.

  • chileanrocker on

    What about Mike Portnoy, Jason Bonham, Marky Ramone!!

  • smklassen77 on

    Ratt Skates OR Sid Falk .. whatever happen to those dudes?! They’d kick some ace.

    • Eddie on

      Rat works in video editing in NJ, Sid lives in OK. I think he plays a bit and drives a truck

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