Ghost have released a new song called Hunter’s Moon. It is featured in the latest blockbuster installment of the legendary film franchise Halloween Kills. The Halloween Kills soundtrack is set to arrive October 15th through Sacred Bones, with the film hitting theaters (and Peacock) the same day as well.

A series of inspired encounters between creative forces from various worlds of sound and vision has resulted in Hunter’s Moon, the infectious first new track from the band since 2019’s Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic.

The song also features Opeth‘s Fredrik Åkesson on guitar and The Soundtrack Of Our Lives founder Martin Hederos on the piano, listen below.

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  1. I actually agree with alot of the comments about them being too poppy, I don’t like all their songs , but when they get one right it really works for me , square hammer is my favorite ghost tune- they actually use alot of the same chords and progression style of a mid 90s female fronted band called the october project they were kind of dark and creepy , not really hard rock or metal but creepy all the same , I would bet money they were an influence on Tobias ~

    1. Robert, I agree they are poppy, but they also have some heavy rock songs like the Square Hammer song you mention. Their first album is full of heavy songs, probably their heaviest album, by far. Infestissumam is my favorite Ghost album, though.

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