AC/DC‘ have released a new music video for the song, Through The Mists Of Time, which can be seen below. The clip is a rock and roll museum tour through an exhibition of the band’s incredible history. Based on a concept by guitarist Angus Young, director Najeeb Tarazi and creative director Josh Cheuse used footage shot by Clemens Habicht of each of the five bandmembers in five separate shoots around the world. They then enlisted Mathematic, a Paris-based visual effects studio, to combine all the elements so the band could take the stage together to perform the fan favorite from Power Up, almost one year to the day that the highly anticipated album was announced.

Power Up was released in November 2020. The LP features AC/DC‘s current lineup of Brian Johnson (vocals), Phil Rudd (drums), Cliff Williams (bass), Angus Young (guitar) and Stevie Young (guitar).

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  1. OK, I am going to be the one to say it. The cd ACDC Power Up is weak. The songs are b side songs. I have listened to this 15 times and come to the same conclusion. Its the weakest cd in all their releases and I do have them all including Jailbreak which I cant get enough of! Amazons star rating is nowhere close to honest.

    1. It is not weak, it’s no “Highway To Hell” or “Back In Black,” but it is definitely NOT weak! No B-sides either, just great, melodic, hard and groovy AC⚡DC style all the way through!

  2. To each their own, but that doesn’t make anyone else’s opinion or rating “dishonest”. I thought this was an excellent album and “Through The Mists Of Time” is an excellent song. Not “Hell’s Bells”, but pretty darn solid.

    1. Maybe this Power Up release appeals to an older crowd 60s and up which is great. I am comparing this release to all their other releases not just Back in Black. Nothing really is a standout track on here that rocks. Amazon stars are not honest. They are there to sell music. How do you get 24000 5 star reviews when every fifth review, the reviewer gave two stars. If we want to help artists, we should get rid of you tube! Doug R, I like hearing your opinion but you say everything is great. I stopped doing weed when I turned thirty many years ago, and that is when I started accomplishing great things.

    2. George, I’m only 54! (Almost 55),

      While “Power Up” may not be AC/DC’s best album, compared to a lot of music in the current climate, it’s good.

      Also, I don’t smoke, but since you admitted to stopping and “accomplishing great things,” please let me know when your album will be out, so I can review it.

      Stay frosty…

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