Ghost have released a new song called Hunter’s Moon. It is featured in the latest blockbuster installment of the legendary film franchise Halloween Kills. The Halloween Kills soundtrack is set to arrive October 15th through Sacred Bones, with the film hitting theaters (and Peacock) the same day as well.

A series of inspired encounters between creative forces from various worlds of sound and vision has resulted in Hunter’s Moon, the infectious first new track from the band since 2019’s Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic.

The song also features Opeth‘s Fredrik Åkesson on guitar and The Soundtrack Of Our Lives founder Martin Hederos on the piano, listen below.

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    1. I know you guys dig Ghost, especially Rattle, so I try to post stories about them, when I can. But, I have to confess, I have tried to like them, however, they are far too poppy for my taste and just lack cojones.

      Someone on Lost In Vegas’ Patreon page described the band as “a cross between Black Sabbath and disco.” My retort was, “two things that should never go together Black Sabbath and disco.” Ugh..I gave it the old college try, but I just can’t, to each their own.


    2. Rob, I agree that it would have fit on Prequel. I told my cousin the exact same thing after hearing this new song.

    3. I like Black Sabbath, and I like some disco, I just don’t like the two genres combined, see my feelings about Turbo-LOL!

    4. Turbo even took some time to grow on me, and I like almost everything! It was hard to get used to it at first, but after a while it grew on me, I think that was because I stopped listening to as a Judas Priest album, and just listened to as a new album from a new band, then it all came together, if that makes any sense?

    5. Well for me, that would be difficult, because I tend to connect most bands to their vocalists. Since, there is one and only, Metal God, it is even more difficult, with a band like Judas Priest.

      Also, even if I could trick my mind into believing that I wasn’t listening to Judas Priest, but another band, I would not like it regardless, I don’t like electronica pop music, especially mixed with metal, please leave my metal alone-LOL!!

  1. That’s alright Dana, when I first viewed a Ghost video I wasn’t to taken with it & wrote them off as another retro-seventies rock imitation. I knew that I would give it another chance though because I like 60’s to 80’s rock the best and was intrigued by the theatrics and themes, (I know it’s all tongue in cheek)) as much as the music.

    Needless to say, I bought into it and now Ghost (really Tobias Forge) are my favorites of more recent stuff. I like some other newer hard rock acts as well, The Pretty Reckless, Nita Strauss, Mammoth WVH.

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