Gene Simmons has revealed that KISS are planning a massive three year world tour beginning in 2019.

“It will be a three year long tour, starting in January 2019,” Simmons told Sweden’s Expressen newspaper. “We will go to all continents, though exactly where I can’t tell you now.”

In 2017, Simmons revealed that the band could bring the curtain down on their career with something that “rocks the planet.”

He told Glasgow Live: “We’re not going to be able to do this into our 70s – and I’m 67 now. But we’ll do it for a few more years, and when we think it’s time to go, we’ll go.

“We’ll do it the right way, with a big party. I’d like to think we’d do something that rocks the planet, something big and worldwide – and maybe free.”

Speaking to Expressen, Simmons also revealed that he wants to collaborate with members of Swedish pop superstars Abba.

“I want to write songs with [Abba pianist] Benny Andersson,” he said. “I am sure that in a few hours at a hotel in Stockholm we could begin to shape something. An hour is all you need to find a feel for a song to begin with. I’d be sitting with a guitar and Benny at a piano.”

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  • Doug on

    Three years, a long time. I guess I would be interested if this farewell tour is organized in a way that respects all aspects of the KISS career. A bit like how Guns and Roses are doing it, albeit still smoothing out the edges with Stradlin and Adler, they seem to be paying (some) homage to past band experiences, recently playing “Slither” for example, I never thought Axl would ever go for that. But in youth we learn, with age we understand. Perhaps Paul and Gene could approach it the same way, sprinkle in moments for Ace, Peter, and Bruce, (not sure Vinnie still performs?) for example. Allow fans to experience the same closure of this great band, and cultural icon.

  • elliot goldberg on

    according to my calculations, that’s 2 and a half shows per year. they’ve got a chance.

  • Doug on

    Well, at least it would be 7.5 shows more than what they are getting now….a start. 🙂

  • James K. on

    If this turns into a farewell tour, then we all know what we want to see: the original band back for one more go around. Don’t really know if Peter can pull that off but I know Ace can. He’s playing better now than ever. And hopefully they’ve abandoned the plan to replace themselves and have an official tribute band with all new members. They’ve dragged the name through the mud in recent years, but it’s time to give Kiss the respectable end the band and it’s fans deserve.

  • DR Is Live on

    The major story here is Gene wanting to collaborate with Benny. The man who gave us Charisma teaming up with the man you gave us Super Trooper. Color me ‘IN’.

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