Gene Simmons has revealed that KISS are planning a massive three year world tour beginning in 2019.

“It will be a three year long tour, starting in January 2019,” Simmons told Sweden’s Expressen newspaper. “We will go to all continents, though exactly where I can’t tell you now.”

In 2017, Simmons revealed that the band could bring the curtain down on their career with something that “rocks the planet.”

He told Glasgow Live: “We’re not going to be able to do this into our 70s – and I’m 67 now. But we’ll do it for a few more years, and when we think it’s time to go, we’ll go.

“We’ll do it the right way, with a big party. I’d like to think we’d do something that rocks the planet, something big and worldwide – and maybe free.”

Speaking to Expressen, Simmons also revealed that he wants to collaborate with members of Swedish pop superstars Abba.

“I want to write songs with [Abba pianist] Benny Andersson,” he said. “I am sure that in a few hours at a hotel in Stockholm we could begin to shape something. An hour is all you need to find a feel for a song to begin with. I’d be sitting with a guitar and Benny at a piano.”

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  1. After having read the other comments , i’m weighing in like i always do on the current kiss line-up –
    first they are not delusional, people are still coming to the shows, yes I know they are package shows with bigger draw bands , but people are still coming…. and IMO this is because of the constant branding of kiss, this is now an event not to be missed … I think for the most part people who are showing up don’t care about pauls blown out croak of a voice , once one of the greatest singers in the history of rock , has become one of the worst – people come for the great songs , bombs ,flames, explosions, make up and the nostalgia /memories of youth- to me , I could never go to another kiss show after seeing them in their prime- that’s just me – a 3 year tour Christ , they must think the world is still full of suckers , who will still come in droves to see paul croak out lick it up- like he’s coughing up a lung-
    and then watch gene and paul just kind of standing around barely moving their 65 yr old bodies while trying in vain to still look young , while tommy and eric prop them up with solid playing and great backing vocals – now way this happens the way they planned it-

    1. Agreed Mr. Davenport. Having them too many times to count, and that includes the original 4 going back to my first show in ’77, I don’t need to see this at all. However My oldest wants to see them for a second time and my youngest has never seen them and desperately wants to. So there’s at least three tickets purchased. And to Shannon’s point below, it will be a good time and everyone will enjoy including myself and I won’t sit there comparing them to 1977 or 1996 because that’s all pointless. I will appreciate the moment with my family and remember the first time I saw the band, even when Starchild sings Love Gun 3 keys down from the original.

      BTW – Simmons is more fierce on the bass than ever. At his age and all that equipment he still puts on an incredible show. He’s earned the right to brag about it because it’s true.

  2. I saw them a year ago and the magic was still there…it’s about enjoying the moment…you can sit there and critique it…sure I would rather hear the songs in their proper key…but then you get into relativity and they still put on a more grueling show than guys more than half their age….hearing Gene’s bass through a massive PA when his playing is better than ever..seeing them trying their best and having fun…the confetti was lingering and I looked down and saw my hands clapping….Also, it’s very clear to me now that Peter Criss plays on ALL of Alive II and Kramer was confused…very happy to have that record back in my life. Anton does not drum like that; I found so many licks from the first 7 records that made it on to those songs. The beat to Larger Than Life is a slower Almost Human, *note too that similar bass lick in the verses* then you have those cymbal/snare crashes he does in Almost Human in the B section which he does in the B section of Larger Than LIfe…and then those flams after the chorus; he does those before Goin’ Blind, in All The Way, and in Tomorrow and Tonight but a bit faster…I’ve never heard Anton put those licks in songs like that…ever..or even Bonham…it sounds so much like Peter Criss I don’t know what people are thinking. Then people think Peter can’t play that blitz at the end of Rocket Ride but if you listen to Paul’s rap before Cold Gin on Alive! Peter almost goes into the same fill except he cuts it short there; the form is exactly the same.

  3. DR & Shannon,

    Both your points of view are the magic that is kiss , if your a fan your always a fan- and you both will still go see kiss and that’s great! – I just want to remember them the way they were when they were young and hungry , and were the greatest thing i had ever seen, they lit me up inside and made me want to be musician – also I never said gene or paul cant play , I know they are outstanding musicians but their individual vocals are really what made kiss songs …kiss -pauls voice is horrible and gene’s voice is now in obvious decline as well , they cant run around anymore , tommy copies ace as best he can the knock kneed fake stumble I guess he kind of runs…- I compare them now with Muhamad Ali staying in the fight game past his prime – in his mind he could still float like a butterfly and sting like a bee- but in reality his legs were shot , and his reflexes were too slow, and sadly he got the hell beat out of him and his legacy took a huge hit as well he was no longer ” the greatest ” -a similar thing is going on with kiss – I could live with tommy and eric in ace’s & peters make up , if paul could still bring it vocally { gene’s voice is hanging on by a thread }- they just don’t deliver on their promise anymore , they are not the hottest band in the world anymore – lukewarm at best –

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