Gossip website Radar Online is reporting:

Former KISS rocker Ace Frehley might need to kiss his home goodbye after a bank has accused him of not paying the mortgage.

U.S. Bank National Association claims Frehley, who was the lead guitarist during the heyday of the famed heavy metal band, stopped paying the mortgage on his Yorktown, New York, house nearly two years ago, The Journal News is reporting.

In a February 15th foreclosure filing, the bank asked the court to order a sale of the house to pay for the outstanding principle of $703,581.48 plus other charges. In 2006, the rock star borrowed the money for a single family home on just over three acres that has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The 2,441 square foot house has two floors.

Records also reveal Frehley’s house has almost two years of unpaid taxes, according to The Journal report.

Frehley, 61, left KISS for good in 2002 after the group’s purported “farewell tour.” In a 2009 interview to promote his solo album, Anomaly, he said he had kicked drugs and booze.


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  1. Hey Mike . I see you’ve been drinking the $immons and Stanley Kool-Aid . You should give us the ” full interview” you did with Ace so we can learn more !!
    Paul is a club band . Go look up his solo tours and see if he played any arena’s . And Gene’s too lazy to tour solo.
    Ace’s solo material ( although limited ) blows Pauls solo material out of the water .And we dont even wat to mention Gene’s release ; ***hole . Anyone would agree with that.

  2. I have followed Kiss and Ace in particular for many years and hope things work out for him. What i dont get is that surely he must still make a very healthy amount from royalties? How many Albums did he appear on with Kiss that probably still sell well? We have people here in England that have lived fine for 30 years on one hit record!

    1. Hi,
      I wanted to respond to your comment about ACE. ACE has no rights at all with KISS. ACE sold his rights, royalities, etc back to Gene and Paul, years ago. He gets nothing from KISS anymore. It has been that way for years. Peter Criss too. The sold the rights back at the time cause they needed the money…just like today. Kinda hard to believe that after all the money he made from the Reuion Tours…he would have some of it saved. He does not! He spent it all! He gets by today…from doing Autograph shows…and whatever he can get from doing limited live shows.

  3. Strangely enough, the house just burned down recently. Arson has got to be suspected in this particular case.

    Even if he was only salaried at 50k per show since ’96, there should be no reason he couldn’t afford the house.

  4. Always been a KISS supporter and Ace was actually the member of the band who really stood out for me.Im not totally aware of all that’s gone on behind the scenes but from all the mudslinging going on, one can only wonder.I know Ace had serious problems with alcohol and drugs but the racist accusations? Someone shed some light on this please .Maybe Eddie would know? Great job you’re doing for Hard Rock /Heavy Metal Ed.Wishing you continued success \m/\m/

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