stryper400 Stryper released today Bleeding From the Inside Out, the first digital single off the forthcoming album Second Coming due for release on Frontiers Records on March 26th in North America.

The song is one of the two original tracks which can be found on this new release (with the other being Blackened). The other 14 songs making out the new album are brand new recordings of Stryper classics taken from the band’s first three albums TThe Yellow and Black Attack, Soldiers Under Command and To Hell With the Devil. Second Coming is produced by Stryper frontman Michael Sweet.

The single can be ordered for download via iTunes, Amazon and other fine shops. It can be streamed digitally through Spotify.

Watch a video EPK for Second Coming below.

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  • Shawn on

    A waste of time and money…..I hate when bands try to rehash the past. Give us something

  • Metal Mike on

    Killer band.. great live show… Cool to see a band from that era with the Original line-up that still sound great and enjoy doing what they’re doing!!!!!

  • Metal Warlock on

    Crunching sound on the guitars! Killer sounding drums as well! I’m glad they are not trying to play the “new metal” style–sing-song-let’s add some techno beats corporate-cookie-cutter type metal music! Staying true to the Stryper metal sound!

  • Steve on

    Obviously those were the three best Stryper albums, and I am glad to see them do this BECAUSE the productions levels on their albums were very different on each one. So if you pull tracks from each albums and mix them up on a self-made CD its a hard listen. You can tell which albums the songs came from by the production. So this is kinda cool because all their best songs will now have the same level of production. I just wish they had pulled a couple tracks from In God We Trust. There are even a couple of good tracks on Against the Law… perhaps they should have considered a 2 CD set for this project? I would have bought it… And by the way, this isn’t an attempt to capture the glory days, as Shawn suggests. The fact is that Stryper didn’t own the masters of their recordings, and this is a legal way to get around that: Re-record the songs. That was a big part of why they did this CD, and I’m cool with it. If people don’t like it… don’t buy it. Stryper is in the studio already recording a new CD of original new stuff tentatively planned for a late summer release.

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