Gossip website Radar Online is reporting:

Former KISS rocker Ace Frehley might need to kiss his home goodbye after a bank has accused him of not paying the mortgage.

U.S. Bank National Association claims Frehley, who was the lead guitarist during the heyday of the famed heavy metal band, stopped paying the mortgage on his Yorktown, New York, house nearly two years ago, The Journal News is reporting.

In a February 15th foreclosure filing, the bank asked the court to order a sale of the house to pay for the outstanding principle of $703,581.48 plus other charges. In 2006, the rock star borrowed the money for a single family home on just over three acres that has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The 2,441 square foot house has two floors.

Records also reveal Frehley’s house has almost two years of unpaid taxes, according to The Journal report.

Frehley, 61, left KISS for good in 2002 after the group’s purported “farewell tour.” In a 2009 interview to promote his solo album, Anomaly, he said he had kicked drugs and booze.


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  • Mike on

    I bet he met with Gene in 2011 to discuss going back to Kiss. Gene didn’t say this publicly, because if promoters heard that Ace wanted back into Kiss, they wouldn’t want to pay for the Tommy/Eric lineup. Just guessing.

  • Ryan on

    Best of luck to you Ace. There are alot of assholes commenting about a situation they have very little info about. And of course Obama has to get drug into it, because what would any article about anything be without an Obama comment creeping in? No way in hell Gene or Paul write a check for him. That is just laughable. I agree with BigSled. Lots of people have just walked away from their homes, willing to take the hit that goes along with that, and have told the banks do what you gotta do. Ace may very well be going that route.

  • joseph on

    best to ace , i can relate in many ways here , it ‘s not a good thing but for sure but maybe he knows a thing or two we don’t , in the end he’ll be fine i’m sure . i just wish him all the best …..after all he has had a huge impact in my life since i was 6 and i’m 41 now.. he inspired me to play the guitar and i thank him for that ..all the best to you going forward and i hope you come back down to louisiana again if you consider to tour again…. i saw you twice last time around…the only space ace

  • Mike on

    As much as I love Ace as a member of KISS in the 1970s up until the Elder, he has basically sucked ass ever since, solo and otherwise. When Gene says Ace has sunk to the level of being in a club band, he is right. The only reason that Ace went back to KISS in 1996 was money, for all concerned. Ace is barely touring, preferring to do autograph sessions. That’s about all he is capable of doing at this point. Chances are, he is going to let the house go away, and live more conservatively. But that said, I’ll bet that Ace’s income streams are very limited since he left KISS the second time.

  • rob on

    Whats Aces personal problems got to do with anyone..bring on some new music!

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