stevebrownoftrixter As previously reported, Trixter’s Steve Brown is the temporary replacement guitarist for Vivian Campbell while he recovers from cancer treatments.

Brown’s debut appearance with band too place on September 28th when Def Leppard played Wembley Stadium during the NFL’s Dolphins/Raiders game. See the performance below.

Campbell recently posted the following message at the band’s official website:

“As many of you know, I’ve been scheduled to start a stem cell transplant and as soon as I got home from tour I began the necessary tests and preparations. I’ll be admitted to hospital soon for all the yucky bits, so in the meantime I’m headed to Target to stock up on cozy pajamas, fresh underwear, and a sackful of car-porn.

Unfortunately, this means that I won’t be able to perform with the band on the upcoming NFL broadcast on Sept. 28th, nor will I be able to do the shows scheduled for Oct/Nov.

While I can’t say that I’m looking forward to the process ahead, I’m very much looking forward to what I feel will be a most successful outcome. Next year will be very busy for Def Leppard with a new album and a world tour, and frankly, I don’t think they would sound as loud without me, so I have no intention of letting the team down!

See you all (with hair!) in 2015. – Viv”


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  1. I wish I could find ONE live Def Leppard video where Phil Collen doesn’t overplay and kill a tasty solo with trying to show that he is a ‘shredder wannabe’. Jesus, dude. Your Mutt Lange produced (and reined in) solos are classic and timeless, and all classic rock radio staples. Nothing to be remotely ashamed of. Always overplaying live is not going to make people look at you like you are some kind of guitar hero. It is more like ‘ great on the recorded stuff, kind of a hack live’. A little goes a long way. Just saying…

  2. the guys still sound great, aging gracefully. phil colleen looks buff these days!! my only request and probably the only request from all leppard fans is make a rock album again!! we don’t want to hear your pop sounding love songs. why not do a tour and just play anyting and everything from on through the night, high n dry, and pyromania?? please before we all die!!

  3. This band has been thru so many trials and tribulations health wise, it is just nice that they are still playing “live” unlike a lot of other bands. The live stuff from there Vegas stint is really good.

    Rock on Lep, I will never forget 1980 and them in the opening slot for The Pat Travers Band and freaking blowing them away!!!

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