deeppurple640 Rockers Nine Inch Nails, pop icon Janet Jackson and top-selling 1970s band Chicago were among the nominees announced on Thursday for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016.

The eclectic list for this year’s crop of inductees also ranges from a bevy of 1970s-era acts such as Yes, The Cars, Steve Miller, Deep Purple and Cheap Trick, to so-called Queen of Funk Chaka Khan and disco sensation Chic, which has been nominated more than 10 times but has yet to gain entrance.

Rounding out the list of nominees for induction are The Smiths, who broke up many years ago, R & B group The Spinners, L.A. band Los Lobos, rappers N.W.A. and The J.B.’s.

Jackson, despite her decades-long status as a top force in pop music, had never before been nominated. The 49-year-old sister of pop legend Michael Jackson recently released her first album since 2008.

Artists are eligible 25 years after the release of their first record for induction into the Hall of Fame, which was established in 1983.

More than 800 artists, music industry professionals and historians will decide who will be inducted. Fans will also be able to cast their votes.

The top five artists selected by the public will comprise a “fans’ ballot” that will be counted along with the other ballots to select the 2016 inductees.

Inductees are ultimately represented in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland which features exhibits, educational programs, a library and archives.

The Hall of Fame will announce its choices in December and they will be inducted at a ceremony in New York on April 8th.

source: Reuters

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  • Michael Monet on

    Look at the other accomplishments of the guys in that photo. 2 were in RAINBOW, 2 were in WHITESNAKE, 1 played with OZZY and 1 was in BLACK SABBATH. Yeah they’re all great.

  • Eddie S. on

    It blows my mind that the Doobie Brothers (one of the most talented bands in the history of music) are not in and apparently aren’t even being considered. Outrageous! I don’t know what the criteria is but with so many great bands (like the Doobie Brothers, Yes, Deep Purple, Bad Company, Boston, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, the Cars, Chicago, Journey, Motorhead, Cheap Trick) NOT in something is horribly wrong! Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Ronnie Dio is in either. The fact that it took Rush and KISS so long to get in while rap and pop acts got in with no problem speaks volumes about the “Rock” Hall of Fame.

    • Thomas McDevitt on

      Agreed at the amount of talent passed over for the likes of Madonna, Abba etc, over the years. Don’t think The Moody Blues or Procol Harum were EVER considered….and my all-time fave from decades ago SLADE, just the name of the frontman, Noddy Holder, should be enough alone to get them in over 1/2 of the stiffs in this hall of fiasco

  • Andrew on

    Glad to see Cheap trick and yes have a shot. But I’d really like to see King Crimson, Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, Humble Pie and Rory Gallagher get in. It’s not about validation in my mind but it turns on other people to these artists, especially kids. My nephew who is 15 and plays guitar is now copping Robert Fripp & Rory Gallagher licks How cool is that.

  • Andrew on

    Oh almost forgot Free and Bad Company. That Paul Rodgers is not in is as Ridiculous as Deep Purple not being in.

  • Coredrum on

    They should’ve changed the name to the Music Hall of Fame after the first year…
    -1989 Stevie Wonder, The Temptations
    -1988 Supremes
    – 1987 Marvin Gaye, Arethra Franklin
    I love the above artists, but true Rock and Roll they are not…I don’t get hung up on the genre at this point because I expect they are going to put in all genres. My problem is with the choices of who gets in and when they get in…the panels who vote at this point are made up of music snobs who look down upon real hard rock and metal. How about the Scorpions?? They’ve been around since the late sixties and are still relevant in the music world they play in, today…bands that those of us on this site want in may never get in, like Priest, Maiden or Scorpions…The first few years of the RRHOF none of the so-called metal bands were up for it in terms of tenure from first album, but in more recent years when they are “tenured” enough, we watch them get passed by. I don’t think it’s a big deal if you get in, or if you don’t…fan response tells it all.

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