deeppurple640 Rockers Nine Inch Nails, pop icon Janet Jackson and top-selling 1970s band Chicago were among the nominees announced on Thursday for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016.

The eclectic list for this year’s crop of inductees also ranges from a bevy of 1970s-era acts such as Yes, The Cars, Steve Miller, Deep Purple and Cheap Trick, to so-called Queen of Funk Chaka Khan and disco sensation Chic, which has been nominated more than 10 times but has yet to gain entrance.

Rounding out the list of nominees for induction are The Smiths, who broke up many years ago, R & B group The Spinners, L.A. band Los Lobos, rappers N.W.A. and The J.B.’s.

Jackson, despite her decades-long status as a top force in pop music, had never before been nominated. The 49-year-old sister of pop legend Michael Jackson recently released her first album since 2008.

Artists are eligible 25 years after the release of their first record for induction into the Hall of Fame, which was established in 1983.

More than 800 artists, music industry professionals and historians will decide who will be inducted. Fans will also be able to cast their votes.

The top five artists selected by the public will comprise a “fans’ ballot” that will be counted along with the other ballots to select the 2016 inductees.

Inductees are ultimately represented in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland which features exhibits, educational programs, a library and archives.

The Hall of Fame will announce its choices in December and they will be inducted at a ceremony in New York on April 8th.

source: Reuters

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  • Timi Durham on

    One of my best friends and neighbor is a nominee for 3rd time. John Edwards, lead singer for The Spinners has a great outlook. To paraphrase he related that though it’s an honor just to be nominated, his band wasn’t RnR. As a RnR fan, he believes the true Rockers should be inducted. Now my buddy says he wouldn’t turn down an induction, he’s plenty proud of his Grammy awards on the mantle. He also knows the HOF is not run by true aficionados.

  • RTunes68 on

    Chicago – Maybe. Jann Wenner/Jon Landau aren’t fans of ’70s corporate rock. Chicago’s ’70s music deserves to be in the HoF. Their ’80s music deserves to be walked through a medieval village in shackles accompanied by a woman ringing a bell, intoning, “Shame. Shame. Shame.”

    Cheap Trick – Maybe. Wenner/Landau don’t like ’70s guitar rock. It’s criminal that these guys aren’t in the HoF already. SO underrated.

    Deep Purple – NO. Wenner/Landau have no use for DP because none of its members are part of their Hamptons circle. If it’s criminal that Cheap Trick aren’t in, it’s a capital crime that these guys aren’t in.

    The Cars – Maybe. Wenner/Landau like some New Wave bands…they prefer Talking Heads and Blondie. The Cars were awesome. Hidden gem: Elliot Easton is SO underrated.

    Janet Jackson – Yes. Wenner/Landau would never insult the Michael Jackson’s sister.

    N.W.A. – Definitely!!! They just released one of the most successful movies of the year, and Wenner/Landau wanna be seen as down wit’ hip-hop, muthaf**ka. Why is a rap group in the RRHoF?!?!?

    Nine Inch Nails – Yes. Wenner/Landau want to be associated with the cool Trent Reznor.

    The Smiths – No. Their induction doesn’t benefit Wenner/Landau. These guys are in the same forgotten pile as The Replacements – influential, but few even remember them.

    Yes – Hell no! ’70s Prog Rock? How uncool! They should’ve been inducted long ago.

    Chaka Khan – Maybe. One- or two-hit wonder in the ’80s, but her work with Rufus was influential to lots of female funk/soul singers. “Tell Me Something Good” is a GREAT song! Great voice.

    Chic – Yes. They were two-hit wonders, but Bernard Edwards was a great bassist, and Nile Rodgers is still SO influential – see: Pharrell, Daft Punk, Duran Duran, Jay Z, Mick Jagger, Justin Timberlake, David Lee Roth, etc.

    The J.B.’s – Yes. James Brown’s band. Enough said.

    Los Lobos – (in Spanish) No.

    Steve Miller – No. See: Wenner/Landau ’70s corporate rock-hate.

    The Spinners – Yes….although there’s still one original member who’s still alive. That’s one too many members alive for Wenner/Landau. The BEST ’70s Philly/Soul group. As great as any ’60s Motown group.

    Now where’s Peter Frampton/Humble Pie/Steve Marriott, Bad Company, Carly Simon, Journey, T-Rex, etc.?

  • Bill Zwerz on

    The following artists released their first albums in 1989/1990 and are now eligible as well. Why are there no mentions of:

    Skid Row
    Iced Earth

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