Once again the R&R HOF bands being CONSIDERED for induction was released today, and once again I was flooded with people asking for my reaction. As many know I have long screamed about how flat out disgraceful the HOF has been to hard rock. VERY important to note the bands announced today are only on the ballot to be considered, they are NOT in yet. Deep Purple has been on before and passed over. I mean why would you want the band that created guitar riff 101 in Smoke On The Water in something called the Rock HOF?!?! I can’t rehash again how wrong on so many levels this all is. The fact that a band like Purple has been eligible for over 30 years and passed over is madness at this point. Especially when you consider the number one criteria is influence! If they do make it in finally it will be great, but forever tainted. Especially now that Jon Lord is dead. Disgrace!

Yes? Not a huge fan personally, but again, INSANE they aren’t already in! Cheap Trick? Good to see them come up on the ballot. Amazing band and songs, but I’d be pleasantly stunned if they got in. The Cars? One of the most iconic rock debuts ever. Of course they should have went in long ago. Same for Steve Miller.

Bottom line is we have something called the R&R HOF that is STILL deciding if the bands I mentioned should be in it?! Think about how utterly insane that is! Especially when bands that were influenced by these groups like Chili Peppers and GnR to name a few went in first ballot! It is disgusting! Of course I hope these bands and their fans finally get their due. But because the HOF continues to ignore these guys for decades if/when they do get in it still burns my ass that they made them wait. Pathetic! Can you imagine being on a voting board for a HOF for rock that is still trying to decide if DEEP PURPLE should be in it after 30 years??????

The only reason these bands are even getting a shot now is because bands THEY influenced are now in and have a vote. And you have guys like Tom Morello fighting for some rock. And because the HOF needs to sell a TV show and finally realizes they need acts people know and love. God forbid they may even realize soon there are bands like Journey, Foreigner, Boston, Priest, Maiden, Motorhead and others people actually care about too one day…

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  1. The Cars, Yes, and Deep Purple should be shoe-ins, they are the no brainers on the ballot. Chicago and Cheap Trick are a tick below but with the artists nominated in this year’s class they deserve to get in.

    Journey and Boston are also well deserved…amazing that they haven’t made it in yet. More amazing is the fact that The Cars aren’t already in. They are truly an iconic band who melded elements of Punk, New Wave, and Classic Rock into some really great songs. Elliott Easton remains one of the most underrated guitarists to this day…he is a fantastic lead player. So sad that Benjamin Orr died so young. I think a lot of people don’t realize that he sang lead on some of the Cars greatest hits, including Just What I Needed, Bye Bye Love, and Drive.

    1. All so true David, might I add: “Moving In Stereo,” “Candy-O,” “Let’s Go,” and 1 of my Cars faves, “It’s All I Can Do.” Orr had a great voice, in a great band, so nice to see other fans recognize that.

    2. Moving in Stereo is a great song, and every time I hear that song it will always remind me of that pool scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. “Hi, Brad”

  2. Admittedly off topic here, but any word on when the new John Sykes album is coming out?
    The animosity between him and Coverdale, rivals that of the late great Dio vs. Vivian Campbell.

    1. T,

      You and I are salivating waiting for Sykes to release his new album. Hopefully, we won’t have to drool for another year. Like they say on ESPN, “C’mom Man!”

      D 🙂

    2. No doubt about that Dana. I’m looking forward to some heavy blues rock, which few can deliver better than him. He’s also quite underrated as a singer.

    3. Agreed. The first time I heard him sing, I was actually blown by his voice, as I had no expectations. To me, he has everything, guitar and songwriting skills, great singing voice, and in his youth especially, looks. The fact that he was never as big as Bon Jovi is, and always was, mind blowing to me.

      D 🙂

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