Once again the R&R HOF bands being CONSIDERED for induction was released today, and once again I was flooded with people asking for my reaction. As many know I have long screamed about how flat out disgraceful the HOF has been to hard rock. VERY important to note the bands announced today are only on the ballot to be considered, they are NOT in yet. Deep Purple has been on before and passed over. I mean why would you want the band that created guitar riff 101 in Smoke On The Water in something called the Rock HOF?!?! I can’t rehash again how wrong on so many levels this all is. The fact that a band like Purple has been eligible for over 30 years and passed over is madness at this point. Especially when you consider the number one criteria is influence! If they do make it in finally it will be great, but forever tainted. Especially now that Jon Lord is dead. Disgrace!

Yes? Not a huge fan personally, but again, INSANE they aren’t already in! Cheap Trick? Good to see them come up on the ballot. Amazing band and songs, but I’d be pleasantly stunned if they got in. The Cars? One of the most iconic rock debuts ever. Of course they should have went in long ago. Same for Steve Miller.

Bottom line is we have something called the R&R HOF that is STILL deciding if the bands I mentioned should be in it?! Think about how utterly insane that is! Especially when bands that were influenced by these groups like Chili Peppers and GnR to name a few went in first ballot! It is disgusting! Of course I hope these bands and their fans finally get their due. But because the HOF continues to ignore these guys for decades if/when they do get in it still burns my ass that they made them wait. Pathetic! Can you imagine being on a voting board for a HOF for rock that is still trying to decide if DEEP PURPLE should be in it after 30 years??????

The only reason these bands are even getting a shot now is because bands THEY influenced are now in and have a vote. And you have guys like Tom Morello fighting for some rock. And because the HOF needs to sell a TV show and finally realizes they need acts people know and love. God forbid they may even realize soon there are bands like Journey, Foreigner, Boston, Priest, Maiden, Motorhead and others people actually care about too one day…

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  • elliot goldberg on

    the rarhof packed the earlier induction ceremonies with so many deserving candidates that they’re now running out of credible artists to induct. so the rarhof now must let deep purple, yes, Chicago and the like twist in the wind for god knows how many years while leonard cohen and Madonna skip around jann wenner’s maypole. …. like I need to see dave grohl on one more music tv show. which artist(s) will dave jam with/induct? god forbid he can’t attend due to falling off his throne/convertible walker and suffers a more serious injury. I love the beatles, but ringo’s award is like making sure all the little league team players get a participation award. hopefully, this year’s class will include yoko ono, snl producer lorne michaels and bruce springsteen’s gardener. bonnie raitt will be inducted a second time for having perfect attendance at the rarhof induction ceremonies since 1986.

  • Lorne Carter on

    Insanity – thy name is the RnR Hall of Fame

    First off why were the JB’s not inducted with James Brown? Same with the debacle of the E Street Band going in by themselves. The triangle player spoke so long even the Boss had to be woken up several times. How many times has Eric Clapton been inducted? For solo and Derick and the Dominos?!? Clapton was Derick and the Dominos!!! Ditto Paul McCartney getting in for a solo artist and Wings.
    Also why is it only once a year with only 5 to 7 artist? Why not twice a year at this point?
    That said sadly the Cars and Deep Purple won’t get in. I would say 50/50 for Cheap Trick.
    N.W.A., Janet Jackson, and Nine Inch Nails are shoe ins. Not saying any of these acts don’t have the resume but even Trent Reznor will be thinking “I’m in the HOF and Deep Purple isn’t? WTF?”
    Given the Rolling Stone connection The Smiths have better odds. Not ragging on the Smiths but do they have the track record of The Cars or Purple. Shoot not even Chicago which I give slim odds of getting in. But they love the alt rock scene and with The Talking Heads, R.E.M and Patti Smith already in The Smiths are the next logical pick.
    The fact the Rap and Hip Hop community has risen up has to be respected. The good news is that Grandmaster Flash, Run D.M.C. and Public Enemy are in and N.W.A. will be in. (Say what you want about if Rap belongs in, you can’t deny N.W.A.’s cultural influence) The Bad news is all street cred will be lost when DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince get in next year. Mark it down, you heard it here first.
    Yes won’t get in. Jethro Tull isn’t it in, King Crimson isn’t in, ELP isn’t in. Genesis is in but a big part of that is because of the Phil Collins lead 80’s pop period, not just the Peter Gabriel led Prog Rock time. Rush got in because Rush fans lead by Dave Grohl kept beating down the door, ironically the year before Nirvana was eligible. So Grohl has 5 years to make waves before the Foos are eligible. Hope he does.
    If the Hall hates anything more than Metal, it’s Prog Rock.
    The community has got to band together. Sure it will be the same “let’s get them out of our hair” entry that Kiss got but at least they got in. So don’t rant, vote and vote often: http://rockhall.com/voting/2016-rock-and-roll-hall-of-fame-nominees-vote/

    And just for the record: Chicago is leading all nominees with Yes, The Cars and Deep Purple following behind.

    • Doug R. on

      NO good news there. The FACT is that rap/hip hop does NOT have to be respected, it is NOT music! What influence? Violence, controversy, vulgar disrespectfulness to women, (bitches & ho’s, real nice) that’s what you call influence? Music? No instruments, no singing, just bitching and complaining, and degrading women, you call that music? Whatever.

  • Harry Taint on

    If Deep Purple gets in, does that mean they will be displaying Ritchie’s Hobbit outfit?

  • tom raffaele on

    i have a name for all of you that isn’t in the rnrhof. when I give the name, you are all going to s–t yourself laughing but after a few minutes, you will say “s–t even he isn’t in?” BARRY MANILOW… forget the songs,did you ever eat mcdonalds? who wrote the jingle? ever sing the Band-Aid song? who wrote it..you watched American bandstand , who sung and wrote the theme song? isn’t influence one of the criterias?. and he is still active, even tho now he is on a retirement tour… so almost 50 yrs in the business of doing everything and he still isn’t in… told ya you would laugh at this but then admit its wrong he isn’t in.

    • Dana on

      He certainly is worthy of being inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, but not the ROCK (key word: Rock) N’ Roll Hall of Fame. There is nothing remotely rock about Mandy or Copacabana.

      As a matter of fact, they really need to take the words Rock N’ Roll out of the title and just call it the Music Hall of Fame, then it would make much more sense that there many non rock acts in the Hall. You cannot call it the Rock N’ Roll hall of fame when Run DMC gets in and Deep Purple is still on the ballot for consideration. Just ridiculous.

      D from ET.com 🙂

    • tom raffaele on

      I know he has nothing to do with “rock and roll” but isn’t he a lot better choice than half of those other non rock acts that are in?

    • Dana on


      I have to ruminate on that one. While, I did love the American Bandstand theme, that was about it. 😉 (it is hard to see, but that is a winky face).

      D 🙂

    • Charles Clinchot on

      Core of rock and roll like Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Elvis who influenced the Rolling Stones to our own Lemmy of Motörhead as you get on rock and roll got diluted with pop music is Chicago and ELO rock and roll with their brass section ( I did listen to both back in the day) 70 had disco which could say came from Motown Earn Wind & Fire & Commodores mostly dance music is that rock ? 80s new wave punk and metal along with Pop music so do u consider Bryan Adams Phil Collins rock or pop bill wards drumming is influenced by big band era. So I do agree rock & roll hall of fame no longer applies here. I could care less if Judas Priest or Iron Maiden make it in this institution was started by a bunch of old hippies and record execs that dislike any thing or understand any other music that was not of their generation.
      On another note looking toward to new Sykes album

  • Mike Anderson on

    I just voted in the Rolling Stone online ballot, and if they listen to the fans voting, then it’s good for us rockers. Chicago, Purple, The Cars are all towards the top. In last place, with under 1% of the vote, Nine Inch Nails. Which is truly what I think of their music. However, the writers, critics, and most importantly Rolling Magazine thinks Trent Reznor is a God. So despite the horrible #’s, I can just about guarantee NIN is getting in.

    While I’m ranting, if Nirvana is in, why haven’t we seen the rest of the Seattle grunge movement getting nominated? Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains?? These bands had a full catalog of work to show, not a few well reviewed & rock critic adored CD’s like Nirvana did.

    Plus how about of these incredible artists- Foreigner, Journey, Styx, Boston, J Geils Band. Hell even Bon Jovi has been eligible for years, and they can’t even get sniffed. Bon Jovi has sold 10x more records than any of the crap Lou Reed put out. Problem is too many people like these bands, and what’s popular can’t also be good in so many voters eyes. Plus, I’d like to see Jon Bon Jovi have to share a stage with Ritchie again.

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