Busy few days catching up from being away. Thanks to Todd LaTorre for a great interview Monday on the radio show. Queensryche also featured on my podcast soon. All new podcast tomorrow with producer Michael Wagener. Many have asked for more producers after my recent Bob Rock podcast and I’m psyched to have Michael on. He’s an old friend who has worked with Metallica, White Lion, Ozzy, Accept, Tesla and many others. It debuts tomorrow as usual on www.podcastone.com and Itunes. Free as usual to stream and download. Thanks for all the great response to last week with Lita and thanks for making my podcast top 10 Itunes almost every week! An average of over 100K listen each week all over the world, very cool!

Be sure to enter the Motley contest on the home page. Just hit the banner to enter. It will be ending soon so don’t wait. Also just added Priest tickets in NJ to ETs Box Office!

Tons of requests for new TMS. As usual 100% up to the network however unlikely at this point new shows before next year. There are many replays and I can tell you I have learned that VH1 will soon be posting almost every episode on YouTube for the first time. This is huge news for those around the world who have wanted to see the show over the years online and have been blocked. More news on that when I have it. Again, VH1 controls all when it comes to this stuff.

Megadeth/Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler in my FM show this weekend. Debuts Friday 11P-2A ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. Both stations stream free.

Upcoming appearances include 10/22 at Guitar Sanctuary (solo speaking show, Dallas area), 10/23 Hosting Winery Dogs Ardmore OK, 10/24, show with Don & Jim Pompton Plains NJ. All info and updates on the home page. Come on out!

Let’s Go Mets & Giants!

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  1. Thanks for getting Michael Wagener. He definitively defined the hard rock sound.

    Oh look… they announced the Rock n Roll HOF nominees this morning. Rant coming down in 3…2…1….

  2. I just got through listening to the podcast with Michael Wagener and as much as I enjoyed the podcast with Bob Rock, I liked this new one with Michael even more. I love hearing about all those behind the scenes stories from a different view other than that of the band members. It was funny hearing about how the poor guy had to sit between Lars and James while Lars bitched that James was too loud in the mix and James bitched that it was Lars that was too loud. Those two guys have made a career out of arguing with each other like two bratty little kids.

    And I heard the podcast with Lita last week and it was great to. I learned things about her I never knew, like how her family once lived in my state, Texas, for a period. I never knew that about her. The stuff with her kids and all that’s going on there is really sad. I could tell she wants to get a lot out and hopefully she will with her book. Her gynecologist story was funny. Before her doctor told her she was just joking when she told Lita she had VD, I can picture Lita being super pissed and wanting to kill Chris Holmes. Lita is a strong lady and she’s always had my respect. I would one day like to hear about the story that’s been around that she supposedly smashed Chris Holmes’ cool as hell Charvel “Budweiser” guitar and whether or not that actually happened. It’s on Wikipedia, so it’s probably not true.

    I love the podcasts and look forward to them each week.

  3. I’m glad to hear all the episodes will soon be available on YouTube. Especially since Vh1C doesn’t rerun the older 1/2 hour ones too often.

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