deeppurple640 Rockers Nine Inch Nails, pop icon Janet Jackson and top-selling 1970s band Chicago were among the nominees announced on Thursday for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016.

The eclectic list for this year’s crop of inductees also ranges from a bevy of 1970s-era acts such as Yes, The Cars, Steve Miller, Deep Purple and Cheap Trick, to so-called Queen of Funk Chaka Khan and disco sensation Chic, which has been nominated more than 10 times but has yet to gain entrance.

Rounding out the list of nominees for induction are The Smiths, who broke up many years ago, R & B group The Spinners, L.A. band Los Lobos, rappers N.W.A. and The J.B.’s.

Jackson, despite her decades-long status as a top force in pop music, had never before been nominated. The 49-year-old sister of pop legend Michael Jackson recently released her first album since 2008.

Artists are eligible 25 years after the release of their first record for induction into the Hall of Fame, which was established in 1983.

More than 800 artists, music industry professionals and historians will decide who will be inducted. Fans will also be able to cast their votes.

The top five artists selected by the public will comprise a “fans’ ballot” that will be counted along with the other ballots to select the 2016 inductees.

Inductees are ultimately represented in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland which features exhibits, educational programs, a library and archives.

The Hall of Fame will announce its choices in December and they will be inducted at a ceremony in New York on April 8th.

source: Reuters

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  • Tre Billis on

    Cheap Trick??? Really?!?!?

    90% of their music is garbage. Sure they have a few hits.

    What gets me is these kind of bands who were opening acts their entire career make it and bands like Journey, Styx, and REO don’t. Not sure if you guys can appreciate those bands, but body of work they deserve it. You get someone like Cheap Trick get nominated before those bands. And you get Joan Jett and the Blackhearts in (was there really steady blackhearts anyways?). All Joan Jett did was make cover after cover.

    • Michael B on

      All the bands you mentioned should be in the HOF, Cheap Trick too.

      90% of their music is garbage? I could say the same about REO or Styx, outside of a few AOR mega hits.

  • Medved on

    Here we go again with more endless rants about the clueless RRHOF. Just giving an honest no-nonsense opinion.

  • Doug on

    Must admit that this year’s nominees are all decent choices, certainly not as embarrassing as past years. Here’s hoping the mentioned ROCK acts get in.

  • Jason Falkinham on

    Still no Maiden or Priest huh? The snubs of Purple and Cheap Trick aren’t even worth talking about anymore. Janet Jackson? Is that a joke? I’m not even comfortable with NIN…they started as an underground industrial band and crossed over to MTV to make money, and did that fairly well for a while. Jane’s Addiction belongs in before they do.

    • Dana on

      Since they are my favorite band, I have mixed feelings about Priest not being inducted into the RNRHOF.

      One the one hand, it is a no brainier that they should be in due to their musical legacy and how many countless individuals they have influenced over the decades. On the other hand, the place is a f’ing joke. So, Priest deserves way better than being inducted into that moronic institution along side some of bands, and musicians, that do not belong there in the first place.

      D from 🙂

    • MetalMania on

      I understand the mixed feelings Dana, I had them (still do actually) about Rush. The HOF really doesn’t matter and I don’t need it to validate my feelings about Rush or any other band, and it has no bearing on determining an artist’s talent, success, or influence. But since it’s supposed to be the “Rock and Roll” hall of fame, and a big enough slice of the public might actually think it means something, I can’t help but get all wound up about it every year. I think as fans of the harder edged side of rock, and music in general, it’s become part of our lives to always have our preference in music marginalized and looked down upon as somehow inferior, so we’re used to trying to prove that perception wrong. Then even when someone we’ve been screaming and yelling about for years, or even decades actually gets in, then we stay pissed off because it took too long. I still stand behind my opinion of all the bands we talk about around here that should be in the HOF, but I sometimes wonder if as a fan base we’re impossible to truly please.

  • James K. on

    All this does each year is get my hopes up only to be pissed off again. I’m gonna hold my excitement until it’s actually announced that Deep Purple are going to be inducted for sure. I hope Cheap Trick, Yes, Steve Miller Band, The Cars and Chicago get in to, but I seriously doubt they all will. Deep Purple has been the most blatant omission for a quarter of a century now.

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