David Lee Roth has shared a previously unreleased solo version of the Van Halen classic Panama, recorded “studio live.” The singer, uploaded the track, to his YouTube channel on September 1st.

The singer has shared many songs, as of late, including: Nothing Could Have Stopped Us Back Then Anyway (written about Van Halen), Pointing At The Moon, Giddy-Up!, Lo-Rez Sunset and Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bar And Grill.


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  1. Guess Dana has no R.E.S.P.E.C.T. For Aretha’s voice. Covers are just filler, and I agree Dana, I would rather hear a new song.

    The current Megadeth album has two covers, but are not on the CD version, so if wanna listen, you have listen to the crappy streaming version. The album sounds great on my cars’ CD player. I’ll burn the album on my phone and listen if I don’t have a CD player handy. And Dana do you remember George Martin put out album of Beatles cover by people like Robin Willams and Jim Carry. And Sean Connery doing In My Life.

    1. The current Megadeth album, “The Sick….” is awesome! Just filled with complex riffs and thrashy. Too bad the band Mustaine first breathed thrash life into can’t do the same anymore….

    2. Charles, I bought the CD from Target because it has 2 bonus tracks: the Sammy Hagar cover “This Planet’s On Fire (Burn In Hell)” & a live version of “The Conjuring”
      The other cover “Police Truck” (Dead Kennedys cover) I believe is on the Japanese Import CD. Great song, but I doubt I’ll drop another $30 for one extra 2 minute 30 second song.

      Rattle, just 1 spin through the disc and I agree, awesome! Great riffs, great thrash!

      I loved it back in the day when the artists would add a cover or two as bonus tracks on a CD-Single release. It gave us incentive to purchase the single & collect rare extra songs!
      Have to check out Iron Maiden’s cover of Tull’s “Cross-eyed Mary”

  2. Good call on You Really Got Me. Also agree with I Don’t Need No Doctor. Wasp’s version was bad ass. Usually covers just irritate me like Metallica’s Whiskey In A Jar.

  3. I like Mr Connery, but as an actor. I think he should stick with James Bond and Highlander, and yes the album was horrible, I dread buying it. Maybe one thing that was decent and that was Jeff Beck doing, A Day in the Life.

  4. I agree regarding covers but i do have some faves:

    Van Halen – Pretty Woman and Dancing in the Streets
    Elton John – Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
    Goodbye – Martina McBride
    Rod Stewart – People Get Ready

    1. My favorite cover songs, in no particular order:

      Van Halen – You Really Got Me
      Aerosmith – Come Together
      Metallica – Four Horsemen (The Mechanix)
      Judas Priest- Green Manalishi
      Metallica – So What!
      Van Halen – You’re No Good
      Metallica – Blitzkrieg

      Dang, Metallica is on my list a few times….well, they did start off playing obscure covers, so….

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