David Lee Roth has released a new solo song titled Pointing At The Moon. The accompanying music video for the track, which includes some of Roth‘s artwork, can be seen below.

Roth previously released videos for songs,  Giddy-Up! , Lo-Rez Sunset and Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bar And Grill, from the unreleased album he wrote, and recorded, with guitarist John 5 several years ago. 

Roth was scheduled to perform a series of retirement shows, at the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, at the begininng of 2022, but canceled those shows. There has been no update as to whether he plans to eventually reschedule those performances.

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  1. I hope DLR eventually releases these songs on an album. I think these songs are all great!

    DLR…..IMO, the one and only true singer for Van Halen!

    1. Sammy never gets enough credit for keeping Van Halen going! Everybody seems to forget that VH needed Sammy a lot more than Sammy needed VH! Do you really think VH would’ve survived with Daryl Hall (nothing against Hall, I love Hall & Oates!) Or especially Patty Smyth? Anyway, this song is pretty good, the beginning made me feel like I was listening to Billy Joel for a few seconds! 😉

  2. While people have spent the past 40+ years debating whether Dave’s a good singer, whether Dave’s lost his voice, whether Dave or Sammy is better, the one thing too often overlooked is just how good and smart a lyricist Dave is. Part of the reason for that is Dave himself. I feel like he’s shot himself in the foot to some extent with his Diamond Dave persona and all the “bozey bozey bop zitty-bop” jive. Fact is, the man is a damn good lyricist/songwriter, and while this song may be somewhat mediocre, Dave proves that even on an average day, he’s still one of the finest lyric writers in any genre of rock.

  3. I agree Roth writes some really great lyrics/stories and I also agree dave lost his rock vibe and credibility when he exchanged it for vaudeville shtick- but when he was in van Halen the first go round he was the greatest frontman in rock period . Too bad he turned into kooky uncle Dave with the idiotic lunatic smile

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