buckcherryfyou640 As previously reported Buckcherry is to release the radio unfriendly Fuck EP on August 19th – with each of the six tracks featuring the four-letter word in the title.

Billboard is exclusively streaming their cover version of Icona Pop’s I Love It, renamed Say F–k It, here.

Singer Josh Todd tells Billboard that the band is “already working on a new album…We want to put a record out (every) year, like they did in the 70s,” he says. “I just want to start making 10-song records, nothing more. Ten songs once a year and just stay steady.” The group has also launched on Singles Club through PledgeMusic, where fans can receive one cover per month for six months; releases so far include the Rolling Stones’ Beast of Burden and Minor Threat’s Small Man, Big Mouth.

Fuck EP tracklist:

1. Somebody Fucked With Me
2. Say Fuck It
3. Motherfucker
4. I Don’t Give A Fuck
5. It’s A Fucking Disaster
6. Fist Fuck

source: billboard.com

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  • Doug R. on

    Why don’t they just change their name to FUCKCHERRY? LOL! 😉

    • Johnny Sorvino on

      Fuckin’ rights, Doug R!


  • Doug on

    Being rebellious is one thing, being commercially stupid is another. Love your music, but this does not seem like a good idea guys.

    • Doug R. on

      Yeah, I wonder what the PMRC thinks about this album! The band might have gone a little “F’N” overboard on this one. 😉

    • Jae on

      PMRC? Don’t you mean the D E A D?

    • Doug R. on

      “Whoever” is in charge today of putting the “Parental Advisory” labels on the Cd’s or whatever, they’re going to have a field day with this one. 🙂

  • mike on

    GARBAGE…this band was garbage when they opened for AC/DC over 10 years ago, and should have stayed broken up.

    • Johnny Sorvino on

      I actually thought they were really great when I saw them open for KISS (6 years ago?)

  • Nick on

    fuckcherry LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!
    I love a few of their songs, but this is a terrible move for them. It’s a sad thing that they are this desperate to stay relevant.

  • Jae on

    They are at a point in their career where they have had their crossover hits..They’ve toured large festivals…They did all the corporate stuff already and they have a solid back catalog to support future tours..They can put out whatever they want and don’t need to play to anyone but themselves and the fans and that has to be a great position to be in. I wish em well.. If this cd sells.. great..If it doesn’t… someone will use a song or two…They deliver live every time. Be it 200 or 2000 fans…I say they’ve earned it.

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