buckcherryfyou640 As previously reported Buckcherry is to release the radio unfriendly Fuck EP on August 19th – with each of the six tracks featuring the four-letter word in the title.

Billboard is exclusively streaming their cover version of Icona Pop’s I Love It, renamed Say F–k It, here.

Singer Josh Todd tells Billboard that the band is “already working on a new album…We want to put a record out (every) year, like they did in the 70s,” he says. “I just want to start making 10-song records, nothing more. Ten songs once a year and just stay steady.” The group has also launched on Singles Club through PledgeMusic, where fans can receive one cover per month for six months; releases so far include the Rolling Stones’ Beast of Burden and Minor Threat’s Small Man, Big Mouth.

Fuck EP tracklist:

1. Somebody Fucked With Me
2. Say Fuck It
3. Motherfucker
4. I Don’t Give A Fuck
5. It’s A Fucking Disaster
6. Fist Fuck

source: billboard.com

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  1. Let’s see,

    1) I Love The Cocaine, 2) Crazy Bitch and now 3) F**K Everything and Everybody.

    I’ve said it before, when you can’t write songs…sensationalize, sensationalize, sensationalize!

    Best of Luck with all that.

  2. This put a smile on my face when I read it for some reason.
    It reminds me of that band in the movie Old School when the singer throws the F bombs into the Bonnie Tyler song at the wedding.
    Buckcherry has some kickass songs, I’ll have to give this new Fuck EP a listen.

  3. Writing songs with the word f–k in them doesn’t make a band dangerous or controversial, not any more. Now, it just comes off as juvenile. What’s next, and ep with all songs containing the word shit?
    Song list for the Shit EP:
    1. Smells like shit
    2. Eat shit and die
    3. This is the shit
    4. Bran makes me shit
    5. I don’t give a shit
    6. The shit has hit the fan
    5. Shit happens

    1. LOL! How the hell did I hit the 5 key instead of 7? That’s what I get for drinking beer, listening to Sabbath and trying to type at the same time. Oh well, in the words of Buckcherry: “I don’t give a f–k”.

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