jonbonjoviprofile400 Bon Jovi have once again topped Billboard’s rock rich list of annual earnings, raking in an estimated total of $29,436,801 in 2013.

The band have topped the cash chart for three of the previous six years, and have never been far from the top. Their return to the head of the list comes despite the absence of guitarist Richie Sambora following a dispute with frontman Jon Bon Jovi.

Billboard, who compile their chart based on available figures from US music and ticket sales, say: “It’s no surprise Bon Jovi’s immensely popular stable of songs continues to drive strong digital track sales, with more than 1.5m downloads producing nearly $300,000 in royalties. Streaming royalties are also catching up, approaching $150,000. But this is a touring band – road-warrior revenue streams include robust merch sales, likely in the eight-figure range. Fans have spent an estimated $2m per year in online merch purchases.”

Billboard’s rock rich list 2013

1 (4). Bon Jovi: $29.4m
2 (5). Rolling Stones: $26.2m
3 (10). Fleetwood Mac: $19.1m
4 (19). Dave Matthews Band: $13.9m
5 (21). Paul McCartney: $13.8m
6 (22). Eagles: $13m
7 (24). Trans-Siberian Orchestra: $12.5m
8 (31). Imagine Dragons: $9.4m
9 (35). Rush: $9.1m

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  • Joerg on

    Interesting to see TSO in the top 10. What a difference the change in concept and name from Savatage to TSO made for them. There was little interested in Savatage, one of the greatest bands IMO, so that switch was a genius move for them and they still have some of the Savatage sound.

  • anthony on

    Im sure the past few years with ritchie helped this list. All jon has to do now is grunt and moan as the backup singers do the work…..or recorded parts.

  • John G on

    Crown him! Never in my life did I think Bon Jovi would get as big as they are. Good for them aka him. Could’ve seen them on their first club tour, touring for the single “Runaway.” Still no regrets about not going….

  • Bryan on

    With the cost of tickets surprised it isnt higher! Got my KISS ticket stub from MSG in 1979 and it was $19.50. Saw them with Motley Crue and it was close to $200. A ticket

    • Dixie Ann on

      Hey Bryan:) How was Motley Crue’s performance?

  • lori on

    thats just cause he is beautiful!!!! lol,,and talented as fuck!!!!!!!!

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