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Last February saw Black Sabbath play what was supposedly their last live performance after 50 years together.

Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler and Tony Iommi headed back to where it all started, performing one last show at Birmingham Genting Arena.

In a recent interview promoting Black Sabbath: The End of The End – a rockumentary covering the final tour – Tony spoke out on what it was like playing the last show.

The 69-year-old rocker said, “It was a weird atmosphere. You were thinking, ‘This could be the last time I ever play this song.’

Tony continued, “Looking out at the audience we were seeing true fans from all across the world. It was sad really because people were crying. You thought, ‘Bloody hell,’ you realise what you are to these people. It was really emotional…”

…But was The End world tour really the end for Black Sabbath?

Tony replied, “Who knows. We might at some point do one off shows. There’s nothing planned at all.”

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  1. If they’re healthy, able, and want to do it, I think “one off” shows (or a Vegas residency) would be a great idea. Hopefully Bill Ward can participate, and I think it would be awesome if they played a set list that included more stuff from Sabotage and Vol. 4. I, personally, wouldn’t want to hear Iron Man or Paranoid again.

    1. I agree that some one off shows would be a great idea, if everyone (including Bill Ward) would participate. To me, a Vegas residency thing would be a step too far, as that would mean their last tour was really not “The End”. But if they could do a few special shows here and there, I think that would be great. I agree it would be great for them to play some more of the deeper cuts off of their albums, but they are always going to have to play songs like “Paranoid”, “War Pigs”, and “Iron Man”. People expect to hear these songs when they see Black Sabbath. It would be like AC/DC not playing “Hells Bells” or “You Shook Me All Night Long”. Most people coming to the shows are people that come to hear the popular songs. While you or I would love to hear “Supernaut” or “Hole in the Sky” instead of “Iron Man”, the vast majority of folks at the shows would probably not recognize those songs.

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