AceFrehley600 Eddie Trunk interviewed KISS guitarist Ace Frehley for his podcast. Quotes from the interview, courtesy of, appear below.

Frehley discussing what he thinks about current KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer wearing his makeup:

“[Tommy is] not Ace Frehley by any stretch of the imagination, number one. Number two, what bothers me the most is that I know the new fans that KISS are getting don’t know it. A lot of people that see Tommy up there think he’s the original guy that created the makeup, that wrote great songs and wrote all those solos that he’s performing, but he’s not. He’s just a guy up there copying me and trying to move like me and trying to sing like me and trying to play like me. And that’s what bothers me the most. I mean, the real hardcore fans know. But the new fans, a lot of them don’t know.”

On the fact that he played with drummer Eric Singer who was wearing Peter Criss’ Catman makeup:

That was okay. I mean, Eric’s such a solid drummer, he’s a pleasure to play with, because you know the beat’s always gonna be there.” When asked if it was weird seeing someone else play in Criss’ makeup Ace said, “Well, you know, I don’t see as good as I used to, so when I look back, I can’t tell the difference. [laughs] Just like a lot of fans don’t know…I can’t tell you how many times I get phone calls and people say,’ Hey, Ace, I heard you’re playing here, I heard you’re playing there. Can you get me tickets?’ I go, ‘I’m not in the band anymore.’ Some people, still, are oblivious to that whole thing.”

To listen to Eddie’s podcast with Ace Frehley, please click here.

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    1. I think there is a better chance that the Revenge line up will re-unite with Singer in the Fox make up and Kulick in the Egyptian Ankh make up.

  1. All of this crap from kiss,ace,and peter throwing insults back and forth has ruined your site for me and many others . everybody get over guys are all worked up over dudes in their sixties.all of them are over the hill and have put out weak recordings.peter has no gigs,ace plays tiny venues and kiss does package tours with other 55+ old guys.what if they all retired and then we had nothing ?i’ve loved these guys since 76′ What’s in it for eddie to fan the flames ? i guess more looks at ads and links.everybody should stay out of gene and paul’s business and mind their own.ace really showed his backside on the podcast in regards to peter and eric. eddie , if you want to be known as the go to guy for great interviews, stop being a fanboy and ask the tough questions. just a few thoughts, still love what your doing . i know my typing sucks !!!!!!!

    1. Tough questions? My entire career is built on that and that’s what “fans the flames” as you call it. And asking “tough questions” is exactly the reason Gene and Paul won’t come on my shows. One other thing, NONE of these stories you accuse me of posting to “fan the flames” comes from me. All sources are credited. We post all rock news we find relevant to my audience. Just so happens many OTHER people ask this stuff in interviews. We post it all because it seems many like to debate it here. I like healthy debate which is why ALL comments pro and con are also posted.

    2. Eddie Trunk “And asking “tough questions” is exactly the reason Gene and Paul won’t come on my shows.”………..BINGO!! I have said that many times.

    3. If it isn’t the sound bite d’jour, Gene and Paul won’t speak it. If the questions do not line up with what they want to hear, forget it.

    4. Politicians are required to answer “tough questions”–PR reps are required to answer “tough questions”–Rock stars are requ…wait–rock stars need to answer “tough questions”? WHY?? Are they responsible to the public for its health and welfare? Are they not just a brand that promotes itself like other brands? Are they promoting products that can cause health issues? Are they lying to the public about taxes, healthcare, or some issue that affects the public’s well being? Paul and Gene have been on Oprah to answer some REALLY tough questions. The case file on Paul and Gene has been opened and closed and they know it!

    5. Thanks for the reply Eddie. It was a great man to man response to my comments and you stand by what you say. If Gene and Paul did come on any of your shows , would it have to be no holds barred style, with you hitting hard with your questions and opinions? Or a Q&A session of softballs like the epic Axel Rose interview. Thanks for all you do, but try cut down on your use of “Decades” and “Decades” and “Decades” over and over again. More Daisley,Hughes, maybe Blackmore someday also.

    6. Agian why should Gene and or Paul come on your show?
      I guess they feel you are not important enough.
      Why cause you have a tv show on a channel most cable networks dont even carry.
      Lol cmon its 2014 and your show is not even in HD.
      Ed sorry to say your not as important as you may think.

    7. When did I saw I was important sir? Knock the show all you want but it is the only rock music show on TV, the longest running show on TV, and seen around the globe in HD and SD. Every single day I am told by fans and artists how important it is. Matt from Avenged (a way bigger band than Kiss right now around the globe) is wearing the shirt on stage every night and in magazines. About 99% of artists and industry for rock music will tell you just how important it is, no need for me to. As for Gene and Paul why would they? Because their FANS ask to see them on it! From Rolling Stone to Paul’s book interviews, THEY ask them about it. And I thought the fans were the bosses according to G&P? Trust me, we are doing just fine without them. As for cable outlets we are in around 60 million homes in the US alone. We have more Kiss shirts in our audience than just about any band. So you, Paul and everyone else can knock the show because it doesn’t work for the current Kiss agenda, but they are just ignoring the show their FANS (you know, the bosses) watch. Now I’m going to go back to being so important..

    8. That was so completely well said, Ed. Love it. I hate it when people rant like idiots and do not have the facts.

    9. I’m not gonna kock your show, but you said it yourself, your the only rock show on tv right now. But even you must know if a bigger network came out with a show like yours with a bigger production budget you would be just an after thought to most of these rock stars. Your know different from anyone else in the music business….you get used till something better comes along.

    10. Honestly man I am not going to sit here and defend what I do to you. I’ve been doing it 31 years. You know how many bigger and better radio and TV shows came and went during that time I heard about? Not saying for a minute it’s not possible but instead of looking at it as competition I would look at it as more exposure for the music, and would welcome it and hope to be a part of it if I could. I’ve spent my whole life doing what I do. Please watch, read and listen to what you want. I’ll keep doing what I do the way I do it with those that allow me to do it.

    11. Hey Rob, that’s a BS statement…I don’t agree with Eddie all of the time and we have some good debate, but he’s never acted like he’s any more important than anyone else. TMS is a great show, the only one like it on TV. Nobody here likes the fact that it isn’t in HD or isn’t on more often. And yes, I wish Eddie would look elsewhere to take his show because I think he AND the show are that good and deserve better than what Viacom has invested in it. I don’t share Eddie’s views on this new Ace album and I told him so, but the man deserves his right to his opinion. And I might add, he allows us to interact with him on this site which is rare these days.

      So lighten up.

  2. Ace is great!! ALL YOU RETARETS WHO POSTED ANYTHING ELSE CAN KISS MY WHITE ASS!! it has to be fustration for ace to deal with Genes rants and judges about him. Let me say this THE MUSIC DOES THE TALKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ace s last cd was great and his new one is even better!! Ace is better off with out kiss and a solo artist unless Gene and Paul stop acting stuply stupid!!

  3. the original cop from the village people, never complained about the guys who replaced him and wore the same suit. As long , tommy and eric dont sing , ace and peters songs, thats fine by me…

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