An early thank you to all those who have sent me happy birthday tweets, emails and posts. I turn 50 on Friday 8/8 which is totally MINDBLOWING to me! Where the hell did the time go? But I truly believe rock keeps you young because I sure as hell don’t feel that old. I am fortunate to have made a life and career out of my love of this music and I am incredibly grateful to all of you for the amazing support you have given me to make it all happen. When I started right out of high school working at a record store and being a gopher at my local NJ radio station (WDHA) with the dream of being on air playing the music I love I could have never imagined to be where I am at 50. Two national radio shows, two books, a TV show, and now a top podcast? Crazy! So THANK YOU for not only the birthday wishes but for supporting me on all this stuff. SO much more I still want to do! Love to do more on radio and actively looking for new opportunities on the TV side, especially during the long down time between TMS seasons (we won’t do new shows until January as per VH1). I’ve worked for it, but I’ve also been blessed to have a following of people that have supported me along the way. No farewell tours for me! Hoping even bigger and better things are ahead. So thank you again for the support and the birthday wishes. Could not have done it without you!

I leave for Montana tomorrow. I am on the road non stop this Summer. Never been to Montana so look forward to it. I’ll be at Rockin The Rivers this Fri (where I will celebrate the big 5-0) and Saturday. Then my first trip to Bogota the following weekend.

All new podcast goes up tonight just after midnight. Honored to have Brian May from Queen this week in an all new exclusive interview! Plus I answer your emails. Subscribe with Itunes and listen on www.podcastone.com The Eddie Trunk Podcast is FREE and available WORLDWIDE!

Eddie Trunk Rocks FM syndicated show is all new this weekend and features some of my King Diamond interview. That full interview up now in the podcast.

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  • elliot on

    ..and no ed trunk impersonators, either!

  • Dan Halen on

    Happy Birthday Eddie, I truly appreciate all you’ve done and continue to do for the music and bands I love, have a great one!!!

  • Captain on

    Eddie ,
    Ive purchased both books but havent had time to read yet. Do you have an address I can sned them to you so I can get signed ? Thanks and happy Birthday

    • Eddie on

      Sorry can’t do mail ins, but I will sign them for free at any event you catch me at

  • James K. on

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDDIE!!!! Here’s to you and thank you so much for all you do for this music we all love.

    I just listened to the podcast with Brian, I mean, DR. May. Too bad you didn’t have more time to talk with him. As for the subject of artists doing multiple bands you talked about, I agree a big part of it is the fact that these guys need to work as much as they can. It’s payroll and understand that completely. But I’ve also felt, and maybe this is just me, that maybe some of these guys just might be looking for something special like they once had with the main, iconic group they made their name with and they just haven’t found it, so they keep searching. I find it difficult sometimes to get too excited when I hear of a new “supergroup”, (I don’t like that term) especially when it contains one or more guys that keep coming out with new bands every year. If it’s good, then I’ll listen but I don’t want to get excited about something that more than likely doesn’t have much of a future or not one at all, as is often the case. Sometimes, magic happens, like it did with Black Country Communion. By the time their 2nd album came out, they were one of my favorite bands, period. I think what the Winery Dogs have is also very special and I hope they stick with it and hopefully there’ll be none of internal problems like what lead to the BCC breakup. Sometimes, it can seem that the word “supergroup” does more damage than good. I hate term “hair metal” as much as you do, but I also don’t like calling a new band of established artists a “supergroup”, especially when nobody has heard them play one note of music yet. In my opinion, a band should earn that title.

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