Honored to have Brian May of Queen as my guest on this weeks podcast. This all new exclusive interview was recorded a couple weeks ago prior to the bands NJ gig. Thanks to Brian for the time and to his assistant Sharon as well as Paul Crook in getting this great score for the podcast! Listen now free worldwide via Itunes or www.podcastone.com Also this week I answer fan email and much more. Subscribe so you never miss an episode and enjoy Dr May! My only regret is we didn’t have more time. But he had this show to do in front of 15,000 so I get it, haha!

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  • Doug R. on

    Great interview with Dr. Brian May, class act all the way! Just wish there was more time. Eddie, I agree with what you said about all these great musicians in so many different bands today, it’s impossible to keep up with who’s in who! Jason Bonham, for example, just seen him last Friday in Atlantic city with Hagar, Anthony & Johnson, GREAT drummer, yet it seems like every year or so he’s in a different or new band, why? I can see once in a while having to “spread out” a little bit, but lately a lot of great musicians are “spreading out” ALOT! How can you stay focused on 1 project when you’re involved with 3 or 4? I guess the most important thing is as long as we keep getting great music from these guys, it doesn’t matter how many bands they’re in. Although, it would be nice to see a “supergroup” put together, and actually stay together! 🙂

  • Leigh on

    Saw three QAL shows – the band rocks – Brian May is a god – and Lambert knocks it out of the park. (Great interview – Dr. Bri tells it as it is.)

  • Charlie C on

    Another brilliant podcast. I also agree with milt band thing like Bo Jackson in sports few decades back

  • Todd Fagan on

    Good Podcast, love Brian,loved Queen since 74, just realize that this tour is only 19 dates with AL fans that would never see Queen showing up. Add the fact that this is also a band that doesn’t tour every year, and success is there to be had.

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