Just back from a few days with the family in Myrtle Beach SC. Also did a signing at a great store at Broadway At The Beach called Retroactive. Had a huge turn out and the signing went for over 3 hours. So grateful to Amy and Amy from the store and my local radio affiliate Rock 107 for the support. Was really a good one and my thanks to all who came out. Many asked if I went to the Kiss coffee house. They had requested me there many times over the years and would have at least stopped in, however the place is no longer there and out of business. But met so many great rock fans and had a great time. Was cool to check out Myrtle Beach as well for the first time. TONS of families with kids which I contributed to. If you are in that boat it’s great. If you want a vacation without a million kids I would not ever go during the Summer when schools are out. Next event for me is hosting a concert at Thunder Valley in Lincoln CA with Don & Jim that features Anthrax, Living Colour, Corey Taylor and Burned Halo one week from tonight. This is NOT a TMS taping however should be a fun show. We will be there Friday and Saturday and I will have both of my books for sale there as well. Hope to see you if coming, more soon.

My new podcast is up now with Blitz from Overkill. Hope you are all enjoying episode 2 of The Eddie Trunk Podcast. It is FREE and available worldwide via Itunes and www.podcastone.com THANK YOU for making my debut a top 10 podcast overall and #1 music on Itunes last week! So many great interviews and other things I will do in the podcast world as we go forward. This is all new to me so appreciate all the feedback and support. FYI music and songs can not be played on podcasts for publishing reasons. It is an all talk format.

ALL NEW “Eddie Trunk Rocks” FM/syndicated show this weekend on usual affiliates on days and times listed. Remember back on AAF/Boston now Friday nights 11P-2A. This weekends show features a visit from Blitz from Overkill and new music from the band as well.

I do not know when TMS will tape next. I only know we will for sure at some point. Probably not for a while unfortunately. These decisions are NOT up to me and I get as frustrated as you guys with the things you’d like to see happen with the show. Once I know from the network when we will shoot next I will post. Enjoy the many replays for now. Thanks.

Benefit show tomorrow in Garwood NJ at Crossroads with Blitz from Overkill, Mark & Dave of TT Quick and more. I’m going to try and swing by also.

Finally happy birthday to my Mom Rose today!

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  • Sari on

    Many podcasts do play music, but I suppose they get away with it because most are small enough to not garner the attention of copyright holders, hehe. Ironically, you are too famous, Eddie! I still love listening to your show, it’s cool to get to listen to you all the way here in Finland now!

  • Trapper Crane on

    TMS fans! We are all frustrated by no new TMS shows anytime soon. Please try hitting up VH1 and VH1C on twitter and fb. If a majority of us TMS fans bug the network constantly, MAYBE they’ll listen and figure something out.

    • JAMEϟ on

      vh1 doesn’t care about us, they’re owned by the same creeps who control mtv and just about every other tv channel around these days…that’s why there’s never anything good to watch anymore.

    • Eddie on

      HUGE difference between VH1, MTV and VH1 CLASSIC. Classic is a smaller channel with much less invested

    • doug r. on

      Maybe if they had more new episodes of TMS on each year, they would be a bigger channel. Less SNL, especially the newer episodes with those rappers on them. Variety is a good thing, as long as it’s all Rock ‘N’ Roll related! The rap shit has to go, it’s not related to Rock ‘N’ Roll, never has been or will be. Besides, 99% of VH1 classic viewers are not going to watch programming that involves rap! More TMS, Behind The Music, Rock Fest & Rock Concerts, and less silly movies & rap shit, and VH1C’s ratings will skyrocket! πŸ™‚

    • Eddie on

      None of that stuff is produced by VH1C. Which means it costs them nothing to put on. TMS is produced by them. That impacts their budget. It is the only original in house show on the channel

    • doug r. on

      I did not know that, but again, of course it takes money to make money, I just find it hard to believe that they don’t have the money it takes to make it. If it wasn’t for TMS, VH1C might already be off the air, so one way or another, they have to find a way to produce more new episodes of TMS than we are currently getting, which is none. It is their top rated show, it would be a shame if they can’t afford to keep it.

    • doug r. on

      BTW Ed, I’m sure you’re just as frustrated about this whole TMS situation as we are, so I guess the only thing we can do is be patient, and hope for some good news soon. Thanks for taking some time to respond to my post. πŸ™‚

    • Eddie on

      The show is very much alive, repeats all the time, and is the franchise for the network. We will do more. But not as quickly as me and others would like..

  • RedRooker on

    The TMS thing is pretty annoying, and a lot of it is because Eddie wants to be so vague. He says “All I know is there will be more but I don’t know when”. Which is kind of a BS answer because it tells everyone that you know more than what you are willing to give out. And that’s fine, it’s your choice but is still a BS answer for your fans out here who actually give a shit.
    So what this tells me Eddie is that you have a signed contract for a particular # of episodes, and you haven’t reached it yet. So let me ask you these simple questions which should be easy to answer:

    1) How many more episodes have you been contracted to complete
    2) What is the end time frame that the episodes have to be produced by per the contract

    The only other explanation I can come up with for you giving out these little snippets of info is that you are negotiating for a new contract with Viacom, and if so that’s fine too. But none of us out here are dummies, we know you know more than you are saying so at least give us some credit for that.

    • Eddie on

      With all respect you have no idea how TV and TV deals work and no idea the serious limitations of VH1 CLASSIC and their budgets. I have been honest to a fault about EVERYTHING I know! I AM under contract and the network has told me they will do more shows. What I want to know and what fans want to know is WHEN? I don’t have that answer yet. How long they can wait is being discussed but it is stretched by them for one reason, BUDGETS. VH1C is a small digital cable channel NOT funded like VH1 and MTV! I either do the show when and how they want or it doesn’t exist. You may find this hard to believe but FOX or ABC aren’t exactly after anyone for a metal talk show.. Not sure how much more clear and honest I can be.

    • RedRooker on

      So the contract is open ended? No parameters on episode count by certain date? With all due respect, I actually DO have knowledge of entertainment contracts, and if your deal with Viacom is open ended then it might be the first I’ve ever heard of.

      There is no way you don’t know what the episode count is that you are contracted for, and where you are at in that count. As always, there is a buyout clause as well so in all reality if Viacom decides to buy you out then there may not be any more episodes.

      At least you could tell us how many more you are contracted to do.

    • Eddie on

      There are options sir. They have picked up the option. Discussing when they need to do them by at the moment. I appreciate your interest here but unless you have a TV network interested in my services I’d rather not get into further deal points.

    • doug r. on

      VH1C’s loss will be somebody else’s gain eventually. TMS is a highly rated show, sooner or later other networks with bigger budgets & funding are going to take notice and become very interested. Who knew that a show could actually become TOO BIG for a network, I think that’s exactly what has happened here. If VH1C can’t afford to produce more new episodes of TMS, then move TMS to another network that can afford it! πŸ˜‰

  • George on

    Eddie is correct vh1 classic is a small funding tv station it has a cult following of course but how would of TMS got on the air if not for VH1 classic it wouldn’t. If Eddie have 50 million dollars like he just won the lottery than of course he could buy his own studio and everything needed for TMS to run and then he would have full control over the show but he doesn’t have 50 million to do that plus I’m sure it’s very hard to do that on your own with no help from a cable network. While I do think it stinks we have to wait I understand 100% the show is at the mercy of VH1 classic as with any network they can drop you or cancel you in a heart beat. Eddies gotta follow what they say to a extent. Course eddie has some say so In the matter but it’s vh1 telling him when he can shoot new episodes when he can’t what he can do on the show. I’m just greatful we still have TMS to watch on vhi classic.

    Sorry eddie it just upsets me to see people rant and rave about waiting for new TMS shows when they have no idea what you go through with vh1 classic and I’m sure you go through a lot. Keep up the good work.

  • Brad on

    Reading through the comments, I would agree we all want more TMS, but here is the thing. Television has changed a lot. If you look at most of the cable and satellite channels that are airing first run shows, they all have limited episodes. Even shows like “The Walking Dead” and “Duck Dynasty” which draw huge ratings have limited episodes every year due to budget limitations for the network. If Eddie and company tried to move the show, it likely wouldn’t last because the other networks probably aren’t going to draw a big enough metal audience. As far as newer hard rock and metal bands, I disagree. While the music business is in bad shape for everyone, at least the newer bands can get some press. The veteran older bands that are still out there get NO press, so that is what the focus of TMS should be because it is VH1 Classic and a band like say LA Guns needs all the help they can get.

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