Just back from a few days with the family in Myrtle Beach SC. Also did a signing at a great store at Broadway At The Beach called Retroactive. Had a huge turn out and the signing went for over 3 hours. So grateful to Amy and Amy from the store and my local radio affiliate Rock 107 for the support. Was really a good one and my thanks to all who came out. Many asked if I went to the Kiss coffee house. They had requested me there many times over the years and would have at least stopped in, however the place is no longer there and out of business. But met so many great rock fans and had a great time. Was cool to check out Myrtle Beach as well for the first time. TONS of families with kids which I contributed to. If you are in that boat it’s great. If you want a vacation without a million kids I would not ever go during the Summer when schools are out. Next event for me is hosting a concert at Thunder Valley in Lincoln CA with Don & Jim that features Anthrax, Living Colour, Corey Taylor and Burned Halo one week from tonight. This is NOT a TMS taping however should be a fun show. We will be there Friday and Saturday and I will have both of my books for sale there as well. Hope to see you if coming, more soon.

My new podcast is up now with Blitz from Overkill. Hope you are all enjoying episode 2 of The Eddie Trunk Podcast. It is FREE and available worldwide via Itunes and www.podcastone.com THANK YOU for making my debut a top 10 podcast overall and #1 music on Itunes last week! So many great interviews and other things I will do in the podcast world as we go forward. This is all new to me so appreciate all the feedback and support. FYI music and songs can not be played on podcasts for publishing reasons. It is an all talk format.

ALL NEW “Eddie Trunk Rocks” FM/syndicated show this weekend on usual affiliates on days and times listed. Remember back on AAF/Boston now Friday nights 11P-2A. This weekends show features a visit from Blitz from Overkill and new music from the band as well.

I do not know when TMS will tape next. I only know we will for sure at some point. Probably not for a while unfortunately. These decisions are NOT up to me and I get as frustrated as you guys with the things you’d like to see happen with the show. Once I know from the network when we will shoot next I will post. Enjoy the many replays for now. Thanks.

Benefit show tomorrow in Garwood NJ at Crossroads with Blitz from Overkill, Mark & Dave of TT Quick and more. I’m going to try and swing by also.

Finally happy birthday to my Mom Rose today!

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  • Mike Jones on

    Hi Eddie,
    Just wondering if you are planning to see Queen + Adam Lambert in concert on their current tour? I saw them play last night at Madison Sq Garden last night and I thought the show was amazing. We all know Freddie was the best and is truly missed, but he would have been proud of his mates, along with Adam Lambert who respectfully helps carry on the grand Queen legacy.

  • joe on

    Eddie,please give your mom a big hug for her birthday!! My mom passed away 3 yrs ago at 62 yrs old from a sudden heart attack.She was my best friend and i miss her terribly.I would give anything to hug her 1 more time!

    • talktopete on

      Hey Joe,
      That was a really kind and thoughtful thing to say. I’m sorry you lost your mom. – Pete from St. Louis

  • Jay Gordon on

    Hey Eddie,
    I noticed that the Podcast with Blitz was a replay of the Sirius/XM interview. Is that going to happen often or was it a one time thing.

  • James K. on


    No new TMS is toture! But I know it’s out of your control. Oh well, I enjoy the radio show and the podcasts. I’ve read and re-read your books and was wondering if you have any future plans for any more and if so, will it be “Essential Hard Rock And Heavy Metal Vol 3” or something entirely different?

  • Jim From Houston on

    My suggestion is to speak with other production companies and shop yourself around if VH1 doesn’t want to move on this. Your not getting any younger and sell why ratings are good. Make your move!

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