Gene-Simmons400 KISS’ singing bassist Gene Simmons says that although the band have reunited with former members Ace Frehley (guitar) and Peter Criss (drums) in the past, that fans should not expect that to happen in the future.

Speaking with The Tampa Tribute, Simmons was asked if the band would ever consider reuniting if their two estranged members “cleaned up their act.” The bassist stated, “Not a chance. We’ve already danced that dance three different times. No way will we reunite. It wouldn’t be fair to [current members] Tommy [Thayer] and Eric [Singer]. It wouldn’t be right.”

Simmons also addressed the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction with Criss and Frehley, adding, “We only did the induction with Ace and Peter because the fans wanted it. But it was a slap in the fact that they didn’t acknowledge Tommy Thayer and Eric. They’ve been in the band longer than Ace and Peter. If the Grateful Dead can have 10 members in and out of the band and a lyricist who was never in the band in the Hall, how can you explain that?”

KISS are currently on tour with Def Leppard.

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  1. they were good in 75! Now they suck! get over it! Gene and Paul are money grubbing assbites and I could care less to here anything about them or their cheesy music!!! RIP Johnny Winter-cant believe nobody has mentioned the death of a true rock&roll legend! I think the real Kiss lineup opened for Johnny back in the day!

    1. couldn’t agree with you more Jerry (on all fronts!) – cranking Johnny’s self-titled CD earlier tonight!

  2. Well I guess my “vulgarity” was disapproved by another self serving ass. Gene is a selfish, greedy, self-absorbed cretin. I am a disabled veteran and former Green Beret, and have seen better men give their lives so that 1% can count their monies. Yes they support “wounded warriors” but him saying that just shows his words are just contrived and don’t mean squat to anyone. Thanks to Gene’s open selfish expressions and Paul isn’t too far behind, I am no longer a Kiss fan. So hate me on that Gene, buut of course why should you care from a 80% disabled Veteran? Try me.

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