Great to be back live on SiriusXM Monday. Had a great in depth chat with Stephen Pearcy of Ratt who’s new book looks really good. I just skimmed it and saw some great stories. Love doing live radio where I can really do in depth interviews like that. Hardest part of TMS is only having 6-7 minutes with these guys and not getting it all in. Ratt are active again with tour dates that also include this years Rocklahoma where I will see them and Juan is back in. Also working on new music. I truly feel this band is a little undervalued and many forget just how big they were in the 80’s on radio, MTV, etc. Hope they have another good run in them.


Huge response to The Winery Dogs stuff which is great to see. I am only involved with these guys in the sense that it was my idea to put them together and they are all friends, but purely as a fan it’s my album of the year so far. The album is out in Japan in a week or so, here in the US is a slightly different version in July. Tour dates TBA. So cool to see people finally discovering here in the US the amazing voice and playing of Kotzen too! I have the whole CD and can tell you it’s all amazing! Killer ballads too.


Excited to host the big NJ / Sandy benefit this Saturday with Twisted Sister, Anvil, Raven, TT Quick, The Rods and more. Going to be an epic old school night for a great cause! Don & Jim will be joining me also, so full on TMS hang as well. See you at Encore in Freehold this Saturday to benefit my home state and those still hurting from Sandy.


The new Priest Epitaph DVD is coming out. Halford will call in this Friday to discuss and also be in studio with Richie Faulkner Monday for the SiriusXM show. I’ll also be hosting the NYC theater premiere this Tuesday with Rob & Richie in attendance at Clearview in Chelsea NYC.

I leave for Tulsa 2 weeks from today. Rocklahoma is near…

Lot’s going on and still playing catch up from being away. Follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk


New TMS starts airing June 1!!

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  • Hank on

    God bless you Eddie!!! Your interviews are top notch and a JOY to listen to. You ask great questions and you let the artist respond and elaborate and not just plug thier product. You actually TALK with the artist and LISTEN…so refreshing in this day and time!! HOWEVER…….I would encourage anybody that listens to Eddie to contact the misguided (bless their hearts) souls at XM-SIRIUS and have Eddie available on demand!!!!!! I would love to listen again to Eddie if I miss something or simply listen again to a wonderful interview. Get with it XM-SIRIUS. I have 4 subscriptions for crying out loud…get off your ass!

    • Rumplestilskin on

      Sharon and Ozzy won’t allow any more Eddie on Sirius XM. They no likey him.

    • Eddie on

      Ozzy doesn’t have a clue about me. Neither does Sharon but yes, she has issues. As for SiriusXM I have nothing to do with Sharon’s channel and do my own thing as always on 39 now..

  • jc red on

    I agree.Ed always does a great job interviewing guests,especially enjoyed duff mckagan interview as well as the 2part Billy Squier interview..Got to hear you interview the late Eric Carr from 85 You’ve definitely honed your craft.Love the no bs approach…Hope to you see you at penns peak one of these days tesla is coming june 28th…..Would enjoy a chance to say hello and thanks for all you do for rock and metal…Best format on both styles of radio!!! Keep up the great work…..

    • Eddie on

      Thank you

  • jc red on

    Hope you guys raise alot of money for the unforunate victims of Sandy!!!!

    • Eddie on


  • Jason on

    Eddie, I saw the tweet and pic of you and Michael Starr. I’ve read in the past that you don’t like Steel Panther. Do you know him from the past with Atomic Punks or LA Guns? Get him on your show… the Panther rules, and rocked the hell out of M3!

  • Trent McDaniel on

    Eddie is right. Ratt is way undervalued, not only because of the amount of hits they had and the platinum record run, both because their albums were solid from start to finish. Motley was spotty at times. I would include Dokken in that mix as well as undervalued.

    • Anthony Carpenter on

      Agree totally,Dokken to me is one of the most Underrated bands from the 80s.Especially when they came back with a blistering album in Erase the Slate and kept following it up with hard rocking albums with great songs.One of my fav bands that never gets any credit for their killer discography,Get Broken Bones fans it kicks ass!!

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