Great to be back live on SiriusXM Monday. Had a great in depth chat with Stephen Pearcy of Ratt who’s new book looks really good. I just skimmed it and saw some great stories. Love doing live radio where I can really do in depth interviews like that. Hardest part of TMS is only having 6-7 minutes with these guys and not getting it all in. Ratt are active again with tour dates that also include this years Rocklahoma where I will see them and Juan is back in. Also working on new music. I truly feel this band is a little undervalued and many forget just how big they were in the 80’s on radio, MTV, etc. Hope they have another good run in them.


Huge response to The Winery Dogs stuff which is great to see. I am only involved with these guys in the sense that it was my idea to put them together and they are all friends, but purely as a fan it’s my album of the year so far. The album is out in Japan in a week or so, here in the US is a slightly different version in July. Tour dates TBA. So cool to see people finally discovering here in the US the amazing voice and playing of Kotzen too! I have the whole CD and can tell you it’s all amazing! Killer ballads too.


Excited to host the big NJ / Sandy benefit this Saturday with Twisted Sister, Anvil, Raven, TT Quick, The Rods and more. Going to be an epic old school night for a great cause! Don & Jim will be joining me also, so full on TMS hang as well. See you at Encore in Freehold this Saturday to benefit my home state and those still hurting from Sandy.


The new Priest Epitaph DVD is coming out. Halford will call in this Friday to discuss and also be in studio with Richie Faulkner Monday for the SiriusXM show. I’ll also be hosting the NYC theater premiere this Tuesday with Rob & Richie in attendance at Clearview in Chelsea NYC.

I leave for Tulsa 2 weeks from today. Rocklahoma is near…

Lot’s going on and still playing catch up from being away. Follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk


New TMS starts airing June 1!!

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  1. Ratt and Dokken are both great bands with amazing guitar players, however in his day I have to say that Don Dokken was truly one of the most gifted singers out there, whereas Stephen Pearcy was more of a vocalist than a singer (IMO). It’s unfortunate that Don’s voice hasn’t held up.
    And if you want underrated, how about Y&T? Terrific band that was on the cusp of superstardom, and certainly as talented as Ratt or Dokken. Dave Meniketti could do it all, and should have been as big as either of those other bands.

  2. I think that Judas Priest should retire. First of all, Halford is not what he used to be. He is singing at about 75% in concert. The Ripper was a much better fit for Priest after Halford left. The Ripper is a phenomenal singer. Halford was a phenomenal singer. KK Downing is not in the band anymore. And they havent made a great Priest album since Hell Bent for Leather. I know alot of people will disagree with me. British Steel, Screaming for Vengeance, Ram it Down, and Painkiller were decent albums. But not great Priest albums. I say: Please retire with dignity and class. Dont hang around too long like Kiss and Aerosmith. Aerosmith sold there souls too the radio, and Kiss are a tribute band with Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer parading around as Peter Criss and Ace Frehley. And I once worshipped Kiss and Aerosmith. They were great bands along time ago. I will say that Monster is a kick ass cd. The new Aerosmith has some good songs, but not enough.

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