220px-Lita_Ford The reigning queen of hard rock Lita Ford has teamed up with USA Today for an exclusive premiere of the new video for her single Mother. The song comes from Ford’s latest solo album Living Like A Runaway, released last summer on Steamhammer/SPV.

Ford commented on the video and the song Mother, “Mother is my song to my beautiful sons. I know they will see the truth one day. They will always have a place in my heart, which bleeds for them through this song.” The video was directed by former Runaway Victory Tischler-Blue and can be seen below.

Lita Ford teamed up with producer Gary Hoey and lyricist Michael Dan Ehmig to work on Living Like A Runaway. Together the team invested a lot of time and effort into this project, “We worked on the lyrics intensively to really give the songs a lot of meaning and that special emotional depth. I think that these are some of the best lyrics ever, period.” Ford is referring to numbers such as “Devil In My Head”, “Hate”, and “The Asylum” which see her bare her soul in a way which she has never done before.

Upcoming Lita Ford tour dates:

5/23: Melbourne, Australia – Prince of Wales Bandroom
5/25: Sydney, Australia – Factory Theater
6/8: Vernal, UT – Thunder Rocks @ Western Park
6/24: New York, NY – Iridium Jazz Club (Lita Salutes Les Paul – 2 Shows)
6/29: Norfolk, NE – Music Fest 2013 w/Bret Michaels and Vince Neil
7/13: Salt Lake City, UT – The Depot w/Ratt
7/24: Gothenburg, Sweden – Sticky Fingers
7/25: Malmo, Sweden – KB
7/26: Rejmyre, Sweden – Skogsrojet Festival
7/27: Jevanaker, Norway – The Untouchables
8/7: Sturgis, SD – Sturgis Bike Rally
8/15: Mankato, MN – Stond Amphitheater w/Dokken, Sebastian Bach and Ratt
8/16: Moline, IL – I Wireless Center w/Dokken, Sebastian Bach and Ratt
8/17: Chicago, IL – Congress Theater w/Dokken, Sebastian Bach and Ratt
8/18: Kalamazoo, MI – Wings Stadium w/ Dokken, Sebastian Bach and Ratt
8/23: Viroqua, WI – Vernon County Fairgrounds “Jamming for the Vets”
9/14: Hinckley, MN – Grand Casino Hinckley w/Dokken, Skid Row and Ratt

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  • Bobby Anderson on

    I remember when she played this song live at Revolution in Amityville a few weeks ago… Oh wait, I went home “early” because Lita didn’t hit the stage until almost 2am. Shame on me I guess for not waiting for almost two hours after Faster Pussycat finished their set.

  • Jimmy Apple (@jimmyapple5) on

    Being semi-aware of some personnel issues between Lita Ford and her ex-husband, including the knowledge that she lost custody of her children…this track seems a little too personal for me. It’s like I’m intruding on something that’s none of my business.

  • znak04 on

    When the mother loses custody of her own children you know she was obviously unfit and maybe unstable. So now she needs some cash and let’s write about it. Washed up gold digger. Those tats look awful.

    • Eddie on

      Unfortunate you would make those comments without really knowing what’s what…, but all opinions welcome

    • DR on

      Eddie I love you and all, but you can’t troll your own posts and critique other people’s comments – whether they know something or not. I have no idea what went on with Lita and her family, and don’t care either. But when she writes a song about it, makes a video for it, profits from it, and you put it on your site, everyone should expect feedback both positive and negative. Nobody who posts here really knows anything about these artists – but you’ve given people a forum to comment (which I thank you for), and you should be willing to leave it at that.

    • Betty Ford on

      Lita profits from it ???? I guess you know that for a fact ?
      Lita paid for this video to help other parents and children . Eddie Trunk is a decent human being that knows what he is talking about , that’s a fact . For this , we watch him on television and listen to his show, because he is the real deal . So is Lita Ford.

    • Jimi on

      znak04, quite frankly, that’s a stupid remark. You’re right about the tats though.

    • M. lloyd on

      This seemed like a genuine attempt to reach out to her children. I hope they give her a chance to tell her side someday soon. With YOU Lita!

    • Betty Ford on

      This song is was written , NOT because she lost custody……she DID NOT lose custody . She is trying to bring awareness to the USA s court system and other parents who have lost their kids because of Alienation…
      Her husband brain washed the kids, turned them against her. Then took them out of the country. This is legal in the USA and is destroying our youth. This song is about Parental Alienation. Google it !
      … He’s like Charles Manson

    • Betty Ford on

      The tattoo’s are scars !!!! Not there for decoration.

    • KellyLee on

      How can you possibly judge someone w/o having any insight whatsoever. Do a little research on Parental Alienation & educate yourself on this growing epidemic in the world. Until you experience it yourself, you have no idea what it’s like for your kids to be ripped out of your life & you out of there’s, all because of some lying narcissist that uses a child as a weapon.

  • KellyLee on

    Dr. Phil needs to have her on his show, as well as myself to bring more awareness to Parental Alienation. I know exactly how she feels.

  • Chris Cannella on

    I dont care what happened in her personal life. its none of my business. This song just sucks. The lyrics dont flow. it sounds ….. like a horrible local cover band playing an original for the first time

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