Hosted a show in NJ last night at Bergen PAC with the Todd LaTorre Queensryche. Band played a killer set of mostly old school Ryche. Thanks to all who came out. The guys told me they already have 3 new songs demoed for their second album with Todd. Discussed some other cool ideas too which probably they don’t want made public yet, but if it happens would be cool. More soon!


Just posted on the home page is my video I shot with my iPhone of the speeches of the Kiss HOF induction. What I find most interesting about it is watching the reaction of the three guys behind whoever is at the podium. I was at a table in the very first row and actually sitting in Peter Criss’ seat when I shot it. Was a bit of chaos around me at the time but think it came out pretty good. Will be interesting to see if HBO makes any edits when it airs end of May. I only missed a few second of Gene talking at the start and Morello’s induction. I thought I was shooting that but like a dummy my phone was in photo mode. But Tom nailed it I thought.


Live show on Q104.3 NYC tonight 11P-2A ET. Listen to the free stream at www.q1043.com or use the free iheartradio app. Kip Winger will call in live, plenty of requests and giveaways too.


Honored to be hosting the Golden Gods awards in LA with Don & Jim next week. The event happens Wednesday at Nokia in LA and will air on VH1C in a few weeks. From there I fly to Maryland for M3 next weekend. Don’t forget book signing and selling at Chuck Levins booth 3 and 6P Saturday. You must have or buy a book to line up. Then I fly to Ft Lauderdale FL where I will host Avenged Sevenfold, Hellyeah, Adrenaline Mob at Hard Rock Live. Book signing selling outside the entrance to the venue starting 6P. MANY appearances and events and more to come. Please see the home page listing for more.

Happy Easter to those celebrating and have a good weekend.

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  • staten island clown on

    Well, that’s not entirely true, they replaced Bill Wyman, and Mick Taylor…but Ace and Peter are like Watts and Richards!

    • Mike B on

      Nothing against Charlie Watts but Peter is much more flamboyant and fun to watch. I see the comparison with Keith and Ace though.

    • staten island clown on

      True. But both have that rock’n’roll back beat that is such a crucial component of their respective band’s sound. That jazz influence that shapes the sound, very unique.

  • Bryan on

    Glad it’s over with. Im sure Eddie is happy to move on from it. Too bad it wasn’t the happy moment we all wanted. Paul fucked all that up.

  • robyn on

    Eddie, I wanted to get some clarifiaction from you about peter’s comments at the hof awards. first off i think gene was very right on with his speech, he gave credit to the founding members and then to all the members who have come and gone sense. paul i think was focusing to much on the hof not allowing all the members to be brought in and he was i think, not giving the credit that ace and peter deserved but was trying to sell the current lineup as the best. which i do love the current line up, but i also love the past, and i do think ace and peter deserve their due to making kiss what kiss is. anyway my question is on peter’s comment. he said he was the only cat man both with or with out makeup. i took that comment to be jabbing at gene and paul and catty. it wasnt the place or the event to bring that up at. was he meaning to be catty toward the others or am i just not taking him right., i know you are freinds with him. i know that people can mean one thing and it comes out meaning something else to others when they say it. that was why i was asking. it seemed everyone was trying to play nice and not say anything rude but i did take it as rude and i want to give him the benefit of the doubt here.

    • Eddie on

      I think that was him staking claim to the persona and makeup he designed and was an extension of him plain and simple. Nothing to do with me being friends with him, just his statement. Both Ace and Peter are tired of their contributions to Kiss being minimized and that was Peter reminding everyone where the Cat came from in my view..

    • Mike B on

      What about what Peter says in his book about Eric Singer? He calls Eric a schlep when all Eric had to say about Peter were good things. Its in chapter 16. The way he describes Eric is anything but flattering. He clearly does not like Eric. So I have to agree with robyn on that point. It was not necessary to say he will always the THE Catman in or out of makeup. The Catman is the one who plays the role with conviction and gives the fans what they want. No offense to Peter because his speech was great, but when he said that, my heart sank because I believe it was a shot at Eric who was sitting with Paul and Gene. Who would be more embarrassed, Paul and Gene–or Eric Singer? There are two ideas: one, there can only be one Catman. The other: there can be more than one Catman if that person has the right skills, talent, work ethic, etc…Unfortunately, it seems to be a moral dilemma to some who are not sure if its okay to like both versions of the Catman. Its sacred ground to the fans of the original band; whereas with new fans, Eric is fulfilling the role nicely. I’m a fan of the original band and the new band. Of course I miss the old version of KISS, but I also like the current version. The right people CAN replace the original members in my opinion. I seem to have gone off on a tangent here, but it would be nice for fans to understand both sides instead of just one or the other.

    • staten island clown on

      Goodness, how would you feel if you were in Peter’s shoes? And Peter didn’t call out Eric, he merely stated that his joining Kiss onstage at the Convention was Gene’s, not Eric’s doing. I though what Peter said was on point and showed some restraint.

    • robyn on

      thanks mike. I like peter and I was afraid I was reading to much into his comment especially after all the fuss recently about the make up. kiss did try to bring in new personas and people didn’t want them. they wanted the cat man and the space man and that is why I thought they went back to them. I though gene paid great respect to ace and peter, but like I said I think paul was more on bashing the hof and selling the new kiss. the past is the past and it cant be changed. all they can do is move forward. they will never be back together again. but, paul especially needs to realize kiss is kiss because of peter and ace as much as everyone else who has played in the band. I do wish peter would have left worded that comment differently and then I think it wouldn’t have sounded so harsh. maybe if he had said something along the lines of I designed the original cat man, and I hope everyone will remember no matter who is playing that role I was the first and original. something so that it didn’t sound so catty and harsh to the others who are only doing a job they was hired to do after him. gene sounds as if he has forgiven and has started to move on. I have herd him several times say kiss wouldn’t be here today without ace and peter. yet I have never herd paul say the same or anything close to it. sad that they just cant all move on from the past and just be happy for the success they had together and for what each has on their own.

    • E black on

      “The Catman is the one who plays the role with conviction and gives the fans what they want”.
      Mike B

      The above quote is what people write when they believe delusional,revisionist , BULLSHIT created by an angry rock star who is trying to disparage former bandmates. Mike B , WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE.

    • robyn on

      thanks eddie. it does matter that you know him though because he know how what he was trying to say. like I said some people have words come out one way and if you don’t know them then someone takes it wrong. I am taking from your comment that he wasn’t trying to be rude or nasty but was just wanting people to remember he was the first cat man. I agree that ace and peter played a huge part in what kiss was and what it became. without their part kiss would not be kiss today. that was why I thought gene was trying to rely that to people where paul was more focused on bashing the hof and making sure people knew the new kiss was the best. I have yet to hear paul say anything about ace and peters role in the founding of kiss. which is very sad. the past is the past and I wish they all could just be happy at what history they left to music and be happy for the success they had as a group together and for each other in what they have done separately. after so many years it really dose not serve any of them to rehash the past. be safe in your travels this week eddie.

  • V.F.T. on

    It’s good to hear that Queensryche are commencing work on their next album. As a longtime fan, I’m happy with the CURRENT INCARNATION of the band. This lineup and latest album are solid with the addition of Todd La Torre. However, as much as I enjoy AND root for them, make no mistake: it is NOT now, nor will it EVER be, the “real” Queensryche. I exclusively reserve that title for DeGarmo, Jackson, Rockenfield, Tate, and Wilton.

    With regards to Kiss’ Rock Hall induction speeches I thought they were all pretty good. I do agree with those who said Gene’s was the most appreciative, to his credit. The fact that he acknowledged ALL the members of Kiss past and present was admirable. While I can understand some who felt Peter’s was somewhat of a “jab” towards Paul and Gene, overall, I think he simply wanted to reinforce that he IS indeed the REAL Catman ( and Ace the REAL spaceman) no matter how many impersonators come and go. I mean NO disrespect to Singer or Thayer, of course. They’ve EARNED their place in Kisstory as well. That being said, the Hall made the right decision to induct the original lineup ONLY. I’m THRILLED they’re in, but it will always be a little bittersweet for me how it ended up being played out, especially by Paul. Great comments everybody BOTH pro and con. Thanks Eddie for the update.

  • Ryan B. on

    I read Paul’s bio down at my bro’s while on vacation. That completes reading the bios of all four. The book cemented my dislike for Paul. It is just another sales job for the idea Kiss will never die and reconfirmation these goofballs plan on trying to make this go on without any original members. And Eddie, OF COURSE there isn’t a mention of a current vocal problem. I can’t see this guy ever admitting that, but he can spend a book boo hooing over what his ear problem has done to him, and done for him. And I am extremely disappointed Peter and Ace didn’t directly insult or make Gene and Paul squirm at the induction. Very disappointed. It was their chance to lay the lumber to those two goons. I will end by saying what I usually say. Thank your God there is at least still the music. Those two suckers of Satan’s cock, (props to Bill Hicks on that, give credit where credit is due) haven’t yet killed that aspect for me and the ability to put on Kiss without just thinking bleh and taking it out.

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