cinderellaband2011_640 Cinderella’s Stripped will be released on May 16th through Collectors Dream Records. Recorded live over the course of two nights — October 2nd-3rd, 1998 — at the Key Club in Hollywood, California during the band’s Unfinshed Business tour, it is comprised of 14 hard-rockin’ and blues-based tracks; included as a bonus are two songs recorded live in 1991.

Stripped track listing:

1. The More Things Change
2. Push Push
3. Gypsy Road
4. Fallin Apart At The Seams
5. Heartbreak Station
6. The Last Mile
7. Shelter Me
8. Coming Home
9. Hot And Bothered
10. Nightsongs
11. Nobody’s Fool
12. Somebody Save Me
13. Shake Me
14. Don’t Know What You Got
15. Sick For The Cure (bonus track)
16. Make Your Own Way (bonus track)


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  • Ken on

    I think I speak for all Cinderella fans when I say nobody needs another live album from Tom and the boys. Yes, they’ve had a ton of contractual issues with their former record company, but it’s been almost 20 YEARS since their last studio album Still Climbing was released. Even Kix have managed to finally record a new studio album.

  • MBaswell on

    Is this essentially the same Live at the Key Club CD that was being sold at Cinderella shows for several years?

    • Shay Clay on

      Yes. Dana, I know you’re just posting news because it’s your job so I can’t blame you. But this. is. not. new. The marketing ploy here is horrible and just another cash grab. I already have this CD; the new title “Stripped” has nothing to do with it. Shameful the way this is being promoted. But this band has always been one huge tease anyway.

    • Dana on

      Thank you Shay,

      I appreciate your words and I understand your frustration.

      Dana 🙂

  • Lee on

    4 guys still together and no new music.

  • Jeff Hawkins on

    Why is it so difficult for a band that was better than most of the other rock bands from the 80’s to make a brand new record? Spend a little $ on a good producer, record it at Tom Kiefer’s home studio, & put some heart & soul into it!! No more live or greatest hits cds PLEASE!! I’ve seen these guys live recently. They have hundreds of thousands of loyal fans that are waiting for a brand new record. The more time they take without new music the less relevent they become!!

  • chris on

    the only Difference in this is the two bonus songs.,Do these bands ever wonder why we dont buy these and we just grab them off the internet..They keep putting out the same stuff wijust one or two so-called bonus songs, which are old songs..I know the industry has changed, but these bands need to put something new out and maybe other bands will do the same and change things back..All the artist keep crying but nobody wants to do anything to try and change things…

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