Hope everyone had a great weekend. Thanks for all the awesome response to the Mick Mars TMS episode. Great to have guys you don’t hear from often on. Also great response to my in depth radio interview making the rounds. Appreciate that. Was fun to spend a couple days with Mick and get to know him better after all these years. Episode 9 of our current 12 episode season tapes tomorrow with Dee Snider as our guest and Chris Caffery playing guitar. Some other surprises possible as well. More from the set via Twitter tomorrow as we start to roll. As usual see it this Saturday premiere on VH1C. This weeks Mick Mars show replays all week, just check your grids for days and times.


MANY reports about this weekends Hell & Heaven Festival’s status in Mexico City. Latest I am hearing is it is on but at a new location outside Mexico City. Please understand I am a VERY small part of this event and I am only getting my info from the agent that booked me on it. If you are in Mexico you likely know more than me. Assuming it does happen I will be there as planned. I’ll keep you posted on what I hear but much I am learning from you and some of the bands playing I have friends in. Hope it all works out.


Many reports and rumors out there about Kiss and the R&R HOF. All I can tell you is at this time there are NO plans for any version of Kiss to play at it at all and no tribute act either. All four members will make a speech and there would likely be a video montage and that’s about it. Of course anything can change but that is where things are at now I am being told and it does not look likely to be different come 4/10.


LIVE tonight 6-10P ET on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation. George Lynch among the guests. Music and talk that rocks live tonight! Join me and get involved.

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  1. Chiming in a little late on the Mick stuff, but yeah, I really enjoyed the TMS and got a chance to finish the Sirius/XM interview. Eddie, or whomever else wants to chime in, I don’t get all the hating on Theater of Pain! My two favorite Motley albums by far are Shout and Too Fast, but I certainly don’t think Theater is one of their worst. C’mon…Louder than Hell, Tonight, Keep Your Eye on the Money, Save our Souls, not to mention the iconic Home Sweet Home. Of all their more well known albums, I actually like Dr. Feelgood the least. Other than the title track, Kickstart and Don’t Go Away Mad, I think it’s very overrated. In my opinion a lot of that album is pure pop/cheese metal at its worst. I’d rank the big five best to worst Shout, Too Fast, Girls, Theater, Feelgood. Just my two cents.

  2. What does Bruce Kulick have to say about this mess? He was in the band way longer that Tommy. Eddie maybe put him on TMS and get his perspective?

  3. Gene and Paul: You guys should do some kind things for your fans, especially the die hards that have been around since 73.
    1) Be nicer on twitter. stop blocking fans that care.
    2) Do a 10 min set for the fans at the RRHF. Tell Tommy and Eric to chill and watch because they weren’t there in the beginning, the FANS were. And if they are FANS, they should oblige
    3) Get Peter and Ace to sign a contract that says ” 3 songs only at RRHF” and that’s it. Set the expectation that its for the FANS.
    4) your FAN BASE will be eternally grateful of the 4 originals play. If you don’t, you will lose a lot of your loyal fans because you’re not doing the right thing by Ace and Peter and the FANS.

    Come on G&P, do it, you got “Nothing To Lose”

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