AliceCoopertophat As previously reported, Banger Films, in association with Eagle Rock Entertainment will be presenting Alice Cooper in Super Duper Alice Cooper, a documentary that will premiere at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival and will be released nationwide on May 30th.

In order to make Super Duper Alice Cooper as interactive for his devoted fans as he possibly can, Cooper is putting together a special pre-recorded Keep Calm & Go Ask Alice Q&A that will run following each theatrical screening. In order for Alice to give some wild answers, he’ll require some burning questions from fans, so he’s inviting YOU to ask him anything now at (click the Keep Calm & Go Ask Alice graphic).

Once the submission period is closed, Alice will personally handpick select questions and answer them via video, serving as the aforementioned Q&A. So, do you want your question to be answered in the pre-recorded Alice Cooper Q&A running after each and every screening in the U.S.? Of course you do! Submit your questions now.


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  1. Cooper has always been great, and I’ll check out this film. I’d love to ask him about Dick Wagner’s guitar solo at the end of WISH YOU WERE HERE on A.C. GOES TO HELL. Wagner is a truly overlooked great guitarist and that solo is a testament to his playing abilities. So my question would be: Do you think Wagner’s guitar part at the end of WISH YOU WERE HERE is the best ever?

  2. I’ve always wondered why Kane Roberts left his band? Hey Eddie, do you know Kane? It would be cool to hear him call in sometime. I, for one, actually check the websites of these rockers. Kane has a good website but he doesnt really ever perform.

  3. Any response to the 1970’s-era rumors (they are rumors, aren’t they?) that you were the character Eddie Haskel in “Leave It To Beaver,” and that during your concerts you bit the heads of live chickens and/or rats and/or bats?

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