Just back from the TMS studio in NYC. Another killer show in the can and set to roll out this Saturday night 11/10C on VH1C. Thanks to guests Myles Kennedy, Mark Tremonti, Rudolph Schenker & Klaus Meine of Scorpions (via Skype), Steve Brown on guitar, and Matt Nathanson. Matt is obviously not a metal musician but a HUGE fan of the genre and the show as he more than proves in this episode (and when he wore a TMS shirt on Leno!). Great to meet him and have him on from a different perspective. Really lot’s of fun. Look forward to you guys seeing it this weekend. Photos from the shoot on my Twitter feed and FB.


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  • Brad on

    Big Kev…..we get it…you are a Death Metal fan….go troll their message boards and have a party…Eddie doesn’t give a RATT’s ASS about your comparisons….

  • Clifford Hritz on

    New season is killer! Glad to see you back in NYC! How about getting the original NYC Glam Rockers, The NY Dolls on the show? I’m sure you have tried. Just chiming in. Bless That Metal Show!

  • john campana on

    eddie,will u actually be attending the winery dogs show in n y c on 3/26/14.i am a life long fan and would love to say hello n get a pic.awesome awesome job,best show ever!!!! they just don t make them like us anymore!!!

    • Eddie on

      Not yet sure, I need to go to FL for MOR Cruise

  • Abbi McMillen on

    Hey Eddie! Love the show sooooo much:) Being only 16, I never really get to learn about new rock and metal since it’s rare especially in the area I’m in to find someone my age who listens to this type of music. That Metal Show is great though:) With it, i get to learn about new bands I might have never been able to check out! My question is, do you have a line-up for the artists on this season for TMS? Or do you know what week you’ll have Mick Mars on? I can’t wait for that!

    • Eddie on

      We announce the shows week to week as it is always changing. Mick coming soon.. Thanks

  • Mike on

    Dude just keep doing what you do!!! You are awesome your show is awesome, I have nothing but respect for you. All the Haters can F*&K off!!!

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