Really crazy schedule trying to get caught up with things from being away the past week with the Dee Snider roast, NAMM, the radio show Monday, and a shoot for VH1 Classic yesterday for an upcoming Guns N Roses special concert/video special. Details on when that will air coming, sometime in March. NAMM was overwhelming. If you heard my radio show Monday you know we covered much of it. So hard to even begin to cover everything here. Some exclusive video interviews from NAMM will be posted here soon. Also we have reactivated the members side. Thanks to all members for bearing with us through the new site change. We will be accepting new members with information to come soon.


Getting a kick out of some of the comments now available here on the site under our various posts. I welcome all comments agree or disagree, but please do not post requests for TMS guests. It serves no purpose. As I have stated many times we have a process of guests based on who is available, who we want, and of course if the ARTIST THEMSELVES want to do the show. Everything else is welcome as long as posted respectfully.


I’ll be back live on the Q104 show this Friday with Tom Keifer as my guest. 11P-2A ET Q104.3 FM or online via the free iheartradio app.


Much more to share with you guys and more stuff coming to the site in time. We shoot more TMS end of April, details TBA.


Coming in March look forward to the Monsters Of Rock Cruise (which is sold out!) and appearing at my first ever R&R Fantasy Camp in Vegas!

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  • tim overman on

    eddie, what is happening with van halen?? are they still a band or?? thanks and keep rocking

    • Eddie on

      see the News section for new DLR interview

  • Matt Chmielewski on

    Hi Eddie. Would you ever consider giving out “Trunk Awards” either on TMS or at another forum. Maybe fans of TMS and you would vote for different categories and even based upon your Top 5. You would also get email or phone opinions from past artists and friends of yours. Almost a middle finger to the rock and roll hall of shame.

    • Eddie on

      Nice idea but it all costs $$ to pull off. Maybe one day. Thanks

  • Digitus Impudicus on

    Just saw Graveyard in Philly at Underground Arts a week ago. Those guys rock! check em out if you haven’t.

  • Kirk O'Day on

    I have tried seven times to vote for VH on your album poll. It keeps saying failed to verify referrer. Whats the deal?

    • Eddie on

      Try now, was having site issues

  • Bill Komlos on

    I just wanted to say one thing. Going back awhile to when you guys did the Top 5 metal drummers on TMS……Not only was he not on the list,he wasn’t even mentioned.I’m talking about the one and only Nicko McBrain. Ed,being a drummer myself not only should Nicko be on that list,he should have been in the number one spot!!!! A lot of the drummers you had on those lists were more than likely influenced by Nicko,I know I certainly was. I have been wanting to share this for awhile now,thanks for giving me the opportunity to do so.

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