Montrose: Rock Candy

Motley Crue: Live Wire

Kings X: Over My Head

Gary Moore: Shapes Of Things

T&N: Slave To The Empire

BOC: Take Me Away

Scorpions: Blackout

Metallica: Orion

Ted Nugent: Workin Hard Playing Hard

Testament: Powerslave

Anthrax: Among The Living

Accept: Turn Me On

Badlands: Streets Cry Freedom

Blue Murder: We All Fall Down

Adler (w/Slash): Just Don’t Ask

G&R: Hair Of The Dog

Velvet Revolver: She Builds Quick Machines

UFO: Pack It Up & Go

Hellyeah: Drink, Drank Drunk

Pantera: Live In A Hole

Queensryche: Eyes Of A Stranger

Bulletboys: Smooth Up

Enuff Z Nuff: New Thing

Zebra: Tell Me What You Want

Led Zeppelin: For Your Life (Live)

BCC: This Is Your Time

Van Halen: Hear About It Later

John Corabi: Hooligans Holiday

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