Episode 3 of the new season of TMS is being edited as we speak and will premiere this Saturday night 11P ET on VH1 Classic. We discuss the Motley farewell announcement and welcome guests David Ellefson, Frank Bello (who have a new band together), Lzzy Hale (who joined us via Skype) and Bumblefoot who plays during the show. Top 5 is the best Anthrax songs. Had a blast, hope you like it.


A friend who runs a label shared with me some interesting news about TMS this week. My Pick Of The Week for our debut this season was Scorpion Child. After that show aired the label saw a more than 100% increase in album sales right afterwards. As a matter of fact all of our picks show a major sales spike after we feature them on TMS as does the guests latest products they plug. It’s great to see this show have a positive impact on sorely lacking sales in rock/metal music and I appreciate all you guys watching and responding. These bands can use the help for sure. Was just really cool to see the impact of TMS and how rock music CAN sell if it is presented to an audience that cares about it. And that’s the huge difference, YOU the audience! He also told me when bands do Letterman or Leno the sales spike is not nearly as dramatic. Now clearly those are way way bigger shows and I am not for a minute trying to compare TMS to them. But not everyone who watches them cares about rock. If you watch TMS you do, and that explains the great reactions in sales. So thanks, it all helps the cause of rock and metal music!


My FM radio show featuring the interview with Joey DeMaio airs on all affiliates and online outlets this weekend listed on the site. My SiriusXM interviews are on the SiriusXM app.


Headed to Milwaukee tomorrow. Hope to see you for two nights of Winger at Northern Lights tomorrow and Friday night. Tickets still available for tomorrow show. I’ll be in the lobby selling and signing my books at 7 each night, show starts at 8.


I love Motley Crue’s reasons for retiring. How many bands go out with the original lineup? So many stay too long at the party. So IF they truly end as they say, it’s a classy way to cap an amazing career. We shall see.. Mick Mars will be on TMS this season!


Please be sure to check out the Eddie Trunk/TrunkNation merch in the online store on this site. Appreciate all that have purchased and represent out there. Thanks!

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  • Big Kev on

    Hi Eddie, thanks for responding to my message. You do know that you can get the Soundscan sales numbers on your own, right? You don’t need the bands to do it. And it might be fun for you to look into the actual sales numbers to see what kind of role you play in the industry. You can also do that by checking youtube views before and after a band appears to see to see if there is type of movement in the view numbers. And the guy above asked you a legit question about what bands were you referring to that stayed too long at the party without all the original members and you attacked him and called him a hater. There was nothing wrong with that question. Was it the Scorpions? Anthrax? Overkill? Judas Priest? Dokken? Slayer? Black Label Society? Thanks!

    • Eddie on

      I didn’t attack him for that part of the question. Who stayed too long at the party is a matter of opinion. Recent examples I’ve seen mostly center around singers that can no longer sing and extremely diluted lineups.

  • Mat on

    According to Metal Insider’s Metal by Numbers 1/29, Scorpion Child sold 250 copies during the week in question and they noted that it was a huge increase compared to sales the week prior. That may seem insignificant, but the lowest charting (so-called) metal album on the Billboard 200 for said week was Korn’s The Paradigm Shift with 1,600 at #192. Regardless of how little albums sell nowadays the statistics cannot be disputed – Eddie is a tastemaker and his fans have marketing power.

    In other news, for those who love release dates, tomorrow (1/31) marks the 25th anniversary of Exodus’Fabulous Disaster and Warrant’s Dirty, Rotten, Filthy, Stinking Rich.

  • David C on

    What’s up with the Frank dude who just posts negative shit on here? And by shit, he sounds like a turd who brings nothing to any discussion.

    There isn’t anything wrong with being proud of the fact that a discussion about a band on TMS can lead to increased sales. The TMS audience cares about rock and heavy metal, and we choose to support it by buying CD’s and attending concerts when we can. You, Don, and Jim have built up a level of trust with the audience. We don’t always agree, but it is always fun.

    So Eddie, don’t let a turd like Frank get you down. Fuck him and the horse he rode in on.

  • Dave Balzano on

    As for the Crue, their tours have done well even after their heyday, so I’m surprised that it’s their farewell. Of course, Kiss (and many others) have gone the Farewell route (when Ace left I believe in ’02), only to renege on their promise and put out a few more albums (Sonic Boom or Bust, and Monster), to diminishing listernership. Time will tell with Crue, but the 1st thing I did was laugh because the word farewell gets tossed around quite frequently in rock, and it seems that few actually mean it and it’s a pretty slick way to drive up ticket sales. We’ll see…

  • Todd Fagan on

    Motley doing it the right way ? They tried another singer and failed, they tried another drummer and failed, now with the Live Nation contract ending, attendance dwindling(happens when bands tour every year), they sign a Final Tour agreement. Which in reality is just an agreement where the name can not be used unless all 4 members that still own their part of the band are involved. Doesn’t preclude the Crue from doing whatever they want to in the future.For Nikki to use the Original member card after replacing 2 members before is a joke…………As to the guy above that said numbers of CD’s sold should be released ? Get real, the cd sold about 20 copies up from 10 the week before(example) that’s why percentages instead of actual sales increase was given. The music biz is crap now, which is actually pitiful . The SC album , along with Jake E Lee’s new album are the best things to coma along in years.

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