Thanks to the over 10,000 who voted in the poll for my year end radio specials. I thought this year I would do something different and spotlight music of the 3 most requested bands by you guys during 3 shows in December. I’ll do the annual Year In Review show with all music released in 2014 as usual as well. This show is so important in this day and age when so much good new rock and metal is out and so little gets sold and supported. So you will hopefully discover stuff you missed. Obviously I can’t play it all but I get in what I can and what I dealt with in the year in 3 hours. Remember my FM radio show debuts every Friday night 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. Both stations stream free as well. Q104.3 via the iHeartradio app or at www.q1043.com and WAAF at www.waaf.com . Full list of stations to hear the show on this site over the weekend as well as online outlets. The top 3 vote getting bands were Kiss, Rush and Iron Maiden, so those will be the special editions. Van Halen was close but just missed. Kiss was trailing but made a late surge to get the #1 amount of votes so the Kissmas Special I have been doing since 1990 lives on! The schedule for the shows will be 12/12 weekend all Maiden, 12/19 all Kiss, 12/26 all Rush, 1/2 Year In Review.

Had a truly interesting and in depth interview with Jake E Lee yesterday. Jake is back on the road with Red Dragon Cartel and has his former Badlands bassist Greg Chaison now in the band. Was sorry to see Ron Mancuso go. He is a friend and was my link to connecting with Jake. he also played a huge role in bringing Jake back and making the album. But Jake seems very happy with the band now and also seems to be a bit more engaged and committed to it. I asked him some real tough questions and he was totally honest. It is really rare to be able to get as in depth with an artist as I did yesterday and get such honest answers. I’ve known him for a while now and it was interesting to learn some new stuff in our over two hour chat about his time in Ozzy, what really happened to Badlands and Ray Gillen, and of course where he is at now. I’ll share the interview with those that didn’t hear it via my podcast in a few weeks. I’ll be hosting RDC in NJ this Friday at Mexicali in Teaneck. Thanks to Jake and Greg for coming in.

Thanks to all who placed orders for signed copies of my books. I will ship them ASAP so you have them for the holidays. Be sure to order now if you’d like to have one or give one as a gift. Just hit the Books tab on this site under Media for order info. Both VOL 1 & 2 also in stores if you don’t want them signed. And please check out my merch store for shirts and more gift ideas. Appreciate all the support!

Podcast this Thursday is my conversation with David Coverdale who is always entertaining talking about the new Whitesnake ’84 DVD and CD.  The podcasts are free worldwide on Itunes and www.podcastone.com

TMS is back 2/21/15

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  • Ted on

    hey Eddie:

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. By the way recently I had the chance to Wendy Flom. Very nice lady and she spoke very well of you. Great show last Friday night — but I must say that I was taken aback when you used the term “smoke & mirrors” in reference to Guns & Roses of late.

    I am dyin’ an Iron Maiden tour in the U.S. asap!

    • Eddie on

      Not sure how I used that term in reference to them. I honestly don’t recall the context

  • James K. on

    Judas Priest, the band I voted for, didn’t do that well in the poll. I’m kinda shocked Areosmith came in last! But that list of bands was nothing but iconic legends, so I’m not complaining about the top three at all. And we still have Kissmas to look forward to!

  • David C on

    Thanks for the tease on TMS Eddie…now you’ve got us all wondering!

  • Randy Cunningham on

    Eddie recently posted a response to a comment about the relationship between Gene and Paul where he mentioned that Paul isn’t controlled by Gene. If you’re interested in going “behind the scenes” regarding how they sometimes get along, Google the phrase, “Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons arguing”–the first entry is a You Tube video of the guys being interviewed. In the footage, the guys have a private moment caught on tape that’s very interesting-Gene questions Paul about a statement he has just made on camera, and Paul responds in his own special way. A clash of the egos!

  • Jason Falkinham on

    Ed, all bias aside…why is Steel Panther only played on Sirius when Jim Florentine plays them on his show? They’re a fairly big band and Sirius has no censorship issues. Death to All But Metal is even played on local radio in Chicagoland.

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