Headed to Texas this weekend. I’ll be at Original Emo’s this Friday with Broken Teeth and more in Austin, and back at Concert Pub North this Saturday in Houston. Both shows feature live music and my speaking show telling some stories, doing Q&A, and giving away prizes. Hope to see you guys if in these areas this weekend.

All new Eddie Trunk Podcast exclusive with legendary producer Bob Rock! It posts tomorrow free and worldwide as usual. Get it with Itunes or at www.podcastone.com . Bob talks Metallica, Blue Murder, Motley, Bon Jovi and more. You guys will love this one. Coming one week from tomorrow? Another podcast exclusive with the legendary Angel guitarist Punky Meadows! Hear from the man himself where he’s been and what he’s doing next! I know many around the world will be psyched for this one. Just recorded it!

The first of the year end special editions of my FM syndicated radio show Eddie Trunk Rocks is this weekend. It’s the Merry Maiden special! 3 hours of all Maiden music the entire show! Listen on all affiliates and online streams under Live & On The Air. Debuts this Friday 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF/Boston. Stream on Q via iHeartradio app, stream on AAF at www.waaf.com free!

Have a great weekend. More updates over the weekend on my FB and Twitter @EddieTrunk

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  • Tony M on

    Oh man “Punky’s Whips”!!!! Can’t wait to hear it. “White Hot” by Angel was one of the first records I ever bought. Still love that album. Hard to believe over the years not one Angel show has ever been released on DVD.

  • Sean Koepenick on

    Great podcast with Bob Rock. Bob also did some great work with the legendary punk band D.O.A. too!

  • gus Lawrence on

    All due respect eddie , its really disappointing that even the end of the year special editions Of the friday night show Are Not live. You said before the show had to be pre taped for it to stay on the air. I mean when did that show become in jeopardy of not being on the air????!! At this rate your not going be on the air radio or tv come this time next year. Given how your being treated by this industry. With this and the that metal show cutbacks. Can you give us any reason why exactly? Do you feel the fri night show can be as good taped as it was live? Sorry but it can never be. It can be good but not great. Axl rose cant drop by on a taped show etc. You get no respect from anyone in this business. Time to retire and write that “real” book.

    • Eddie on

      Gus, you are way off base on so many of your views. Honestly I appreciate your support but you don’t have any idea what you are talking about. EVERY weekly syndicated show is pre recorded. Mine was also in every market but NYC. So the only people who even care about this are the people that listened to it on Q104. I am as transparent as possible about everything going on in my world. It no longer works for other radio stations when one gets it live a week before them and everyone can listen off of that stream. Delivering the show pre recorded gets it to every station the same weekend. That’s why every show is done that way. It also make the show way more timely. The Year In Review will now air the first weekend of 2015. Not one week then and then a week later everywhere else. FM radio does NOT usually want long interviews. So I have a podcast and satellite for that. Finally take a look at my schedule on the home page, that plays into it as well. Is it still a fight? Hell yes. But I do the best I can here, and who knows, maybe once in a while I will do live FM shows again.

    • gus Lawrence on

      I understand. Sorry to fly off the handle. The xm show is great. Just really was a big fan of the fm show having that live atmosphere and the whole anything can happen etc. Let me ask you this. Is thier anyway you Can have mabey some special things happen on the fm show? Like maybe Tape a short interview with someone exclusively For that show? (And dont tell us about it beforehand). Lol. A eddie trunk Easter egg if you will.

  • Lanny Call on

    Wishing Eddie, Dana and all the metal heads out there, a ver Merry Maiden Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, thrashing New Year! Can’t wait to see the boys and TMS. Been toooooo Long!

  • bobbyd on

    Angel was ahead of their time , i still cant believe they never broke through Frank Dimino’s voice is still amazing, Eddie i really hope you encouraged some type of angel reunion-

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