Headed to Texas this weekend. I’ll be at Original Emo’s this Friday with Broken Teeth and more in Austin, and back at Concert Pub North this Saturday in Houston. Both shows feature live music and my speaking show telling some stories, doing Q&A, and giving away prizes. Hope to see you guys if in these areas this weekend.

All new Eddie Trunk Podcast exclusive with legendary producer Bob Rock! It posts tomorrow free and worldwide as usual. Get it with Itunes or at www.podcastone.com . Bob talks Metallica, Blue Murder, Motley, Bon Jovi and more. You guys will love this one. Coming one week from tomorrow? Another podcast exclusive with the legendary Angel guitarist Punky Meadows! Hear from the man himself where he’s been and what he’s doing next! I know many around the world will be psyched for this one. Just recorded it!

The first of the year end special editions of my FM syndicated radio show Eddie Trunk Rocks is this weekend. It’s the Merry Maiden special! 3 hours of all Maiden music the entire show! Listen on all affiliates and online streams under Live & On The Air. Debuts this Friday 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF/Boston. Stream on Q via iHeartradio app, stream on AAF at www.waaf.com free!

Have a great weekend. More updates over the weekend on my FB and Twitter @EddieTrunk

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  • Steve D on

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast. ANGELs first three albums have to be some of the best stuff from the ’70s. Simply amazing guitar work on “hellava band”. If anyone is holding on to any video of those days, please release it soon and make us geezers have to change our underwear…lol.

  • Blake Salsgiver on

    Hell yes!!! Anything Angel and Im there!!! Lets hope for a reunion!!!

  • Allan Chapman on

    Nice! Can’t wait for the Punky Meadows podcast. On Earth As It Is In Heaven is one of my favorite hard rock albums of the 70s. Brings back great memories. Looking forward to new TMS episodes, too. Thanks, Eddie!

  • James K. on

    Eddie, the Bob Rock podcast was great. It’s really cool to hear from someone behind the scenes on how albums were made and the details of how he’s achieved the sounds he has. It was cool to hear about the albums he had worked on early in his career that I didn’t know he had worked on, so that was interesting. It was also funny and cool at the same time how he put you on hold while he carried on with his producer duties and had to talk to someone in the background. He’s obviously all business. Really cool podcast, great job!

  • Richard Nelson on

    Punky’s going to be a cool podcast. Not to steal Eddie’s thunder, but there are 4 interview segments with Punky on youtube from 2014. I was impressed with how down to earth, laid back and friendly Punky was on those, but looking forward to ET’s line of questioning. Nice score Eddie getting Punky on your podcast.

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