Just want to say thanks to all who placed orders for signed copies of either of my books through the Books tab under Media on my site. Many order for holiday gifts and I am signing and sending them as quickly as possible. Please note however that my publisher has informed me that my first book is now out of stock and reprints won’t be in until 12/24. So if you are ordering book 1 as a holiday gift that won’t ship until just after Christmas. I will send them ASAP once they get to me. There is stock on Volume 2 so if you are ordering that volume of Essential Hard Rock & Metal and send your order in the next week or so you should have that on time. Feel free to order either volume however just note 1 won’t ship now until just after Christmas. Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks so much for the support and making both books such a success. Also FYI if you want Volume 1 and don’t want it signed you can likely get that before the holidays anywhere books are sold or at Amazon. It’s just the the warehouse is temporarily out of sending more at the moment.

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  1. I joined your fan club almost a year ago and I’m still waiting on that “personalized” photo. I went through all the right channels to get what was promised, and I still got nothing. Thanks Ed.

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