jimmypage400 A grumpy Jimmy Page has taken aim at everyone from Ginger Baker to Robert Plant in a bad-tempered interview, reports Classic Rock.

The Led Zeppelin guitarist was speaking about the recent reissues when he snapped at questions about his former bandmate and Cream drummer Ginger Baker.

And he refused to answer questions about his work with David Coverdale, his supposed fascination with the occult and his alleged drug-fuelled past.

However, he spoke warmly about the genius of late Zeppelin drummer John Bonham and the impact Elvis Presley had on his life.

Page tells GQ he was disappointed by Ginger Baker’s comments about Bonham in the documentary Beware Of Mr Baker.

He says, “That’s an interesting film, because of the way the film starts. Doesn’t it start with Ginger hitting the director with a cane? I was a bit disappointed by that. His criticism was that Bonham didn’t swing. I was like, ‘Oh, Ginger. That’s the only thing that’s undeniable about Bonham.’ I thought that was stupid. That was a really silly thing of him to say.”

Asked about Robert Plant’s steadfast refusal to entertain a Zeppelin reunion, Page says, “Sometimes I raise my eyebrows at the things he says, but that’s all I can say about it. I don’t make a point to read what he says about Zeppelin. But people will read me things he has said, and I will usually say, ‘Are you sure you’re quoting him correctly?’ It’s always a little surprising. But I can’t answer for him. I have a respect for the work of everyone in the band. I can’t be dismissive of the work we did together. I sort of know what he’s doing. But I don’t fully understand it.”

As for the questions about drugs, the occult, his insecurities and the Coverdale/Page album, Page says he may one day reveal all in an autobiography – but for now he refuses to be drawn on those issues.

On Bonham, Page says, “I was very keen on making the most of John Bonham’s drum sound, because he was such a technician in terms of tuning his drums for projection. You don’t want a microphone right in front of the drum kit. Sonically, distance makes depth. So employing that ambience was very important, because drums are acoustic instruments. The only time John Bonham ever got to be John Bonham was when he was in Led Zeppelin. You know, he plays on some Paul McCartney solo tracks. But you’d never know it was him, because of the way it was recorded. It’s all closed down.”

Explaining his need for privacy, Page says he was fascinated by Elvis but never felt the need to know anything about his private life. He says, “I don’t know what other people need to know, really. I don’t see the necessity of that, and I’m not going to start now. What’s important about Elvis was that he changed absolutely everything for youth and that he came in right under the radar. But that’s all I need to know about his life.”

Page recently hinted at a solo tour that could take place next year and see him perform music from throughout his career. He also spoke of his admiration for young British two-piece Royal Blood.

additional source: classicrock.teamrock.com

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  1. It’s got to be hard to have to deal with Robert and his lack of enthusiasm to front the band again. Can’t blame him for leaving Zeppelin in the past and looking to the future and actually being able to hit the notes without cracking.

  2. Anyone who heard them in 02 knows that Plant was the shinning star that night everyone thought he couldn’t do it anymore. The guitar playing was not even close to what people expected from Page. If they had continued Plants voice wouldn’t have held up and Pages guitar playing would of gotten worse as the tour went on. Hope Page can put out a killer project I just don’t see it happening. Much rather remember the band for what they were then have them tour and be remembered for what there not anymore.

  3. I guess I’m in the minority here but, I love the Coverdale/Page album. Actually, I just listened to it several days ago and it still sounds fantastic! I think the album has aged extremely well. Maybe give it another go for those who might not have played it for a long time. You might be surprised how great it sounds.

    1. Daven,
      what i meant by my comment was ,i thought it was a really solid album , just not quite a great album- i really liked 5 songs,whisper a prayer, over now, take a look at your self, take me for a little while, absolution blues, pride and joy was ok, this is just my opinion, i expected a little bit more from Page and Coverdale writing together .

    2. Daven, I agree with you whole-heartedly about the Coverdale/Page CD; I think it’s one of the single best CDs of the entire 90s decade. I also think it’s a collection of songs superior to anything to which Plant or Page has been connected since Led Zep’s Presence in 1976. I’m a big fan of both Firm CDs, four of the six solo Plant CDs, and both Page/Plant CDs from the 90s, but the Coverdale/Page CD is the album that Led Zep should have made after Presence, not In Through the Out Door, which has three truly great songs (Carasalambra, In the Evening, and All My Love) and four songs that don’t belong on a Led Zep album or CD in any known universe. As much as I loved Page and Plant getting together to release two CDs and undertake two highly successful two in the 90s, I wish that Coverdale/Page had gotten off the ground as an ongoing project before that occurred, rather than stopping at one CD and one short Japanese tour, because the band had a chance to make an impact in the world of hard rock for a long time to come.

  4. What a terrible interview. Did that guy do any research whatsoever before deciding to completely waste two meetings with Jimmy Page? I can remember all those same stupid, inane questions being asked (and quite properly dismissed by Page) in interviews from 30 years ago.

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