Thanks to my guests Stephen Pearcy, Frank Hannon and Joe Holmes who called into my radio show last night. All have killer new music out you should check out. The Farmikos album I have been playing (Joe Holmes) is finally out this Thursday via Amazon and CDbaby.com.

Spoke last night about the effects of Tinnitus. A condition that creates a constant ringing in your ears that is non treatable. I had a hearing test yesterday because ever since I went to see Ace Frehley at BB Kings over 6 weeks ago I have had a slight ringing noticeable when I try and sleep and it’s quiet. My doctor said my hearing is within normal range still (how I do not know but I’ll take it!), but there were some very early signs of this being an issue. Now what I have is right now very mild, but this at more severe levels as you could imagine could drive you insane. So many times as a kid I’d come home from a loud show, ears ring for a day, then back to normal. When I was real young I worked at a car wash by the blower. Same deal. After 32 years in radio with headphones, countless concerts, in ears for TV, etc, and turning 50, well lets just say the recovery isn’t what it once was. Thankfully my situation right now is very manageable and still in normal limits, but I can’t imagine it really bad as it is for some especially musicians and concert goers. I write this as a heads up because it was pretty revealing to learn about this from an ear doctor yesterday. There is literally nothing they can do for it. So as us metal heads get older don’t be afraid to use plugs or some protection at shows. I’m as guilty as anyone of wanting to hear my favorite band cranked and everyone uses ear buds and headphones now. But I only pass along this friendly word of caution because this really is a huge problem for many exposed often to loud volume and it can be a total bitch of you don’t pay attention to it. Ever since I brought it up on my radio show last night I have heard from many about it so thought I’d pass along the new to all here for what it’s worth.

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Hope to see you in Cincinnati at MVPs this Friday and in Oshkosh WI at The Dockside Tavern this Saturday.

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  • Medved on

    Have had Tinnitus since 2008 after seeing an AC/DC concert (worth it!) Mine too is mild, but at nights when it’s all quiet and I’m trying to sleep I can hear that ringing sound in my ears. You eventually learn to live with it. The important thing is to protect what’s left of your hearing before it gets worse. You can stop attending rock and metal concerts, but then what’s the purpose of life after that? So I’ve been wearing ear plugs to shows ever since. I almost always have at least one person ask me how I can possibly hear anything with them on. I tell them not only can I still hear the show, but the sound is much more clearer! I can hear the vocals coherently, and I can distinguish all instruments being played as well. Yes the volume level is lower, but it’s still at a respectable level. I now have to question why rock and metal bands insist on the volume being at 100. Whenever I attend more mellower shows, like just recently Peter Frampton and Heart, I didn’t need to wear my ear plugs, since the sound level was much more turned down. Maybe having the volume cranked to the moon during my youth was acceptable, but now being over 40 it’s no longer viable for me to handle. One other thing, for those of you taking your young children to rock/metal concerts, PROTECT THEIR EARS!!! Have them wear either ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones of some sort.

    • Eddie on

      I have been and will continue to use plugs. It is no joke! I didn’t at the recent Ace show and that was what put me over the edge. Thanks

  • Pamela Madden on

    Definitely no joke. The ringing in my ears has now gotten to a level 24/7/365 that it’s driving me nuts. From being young and dumb with concerts and band practices as well as working in an aircraft hangar for years – all while not always wearing hearing protection. I just saw my Dr about this today and have to see an audiologist soon. FYI for those suffering really bad there are hearing aid type devices out now that can be set to your pitch and it cancels out the ringing. But not covered by insurance in most cases.

    • MetalMania on

      I have heard about these devices, but haven’t seriously looked into them (yet). Not sure if it’s accurate but one person told me they’re like $2000 – $3000 per ear. Yikes! One of the reasons I didn’t wear plugs wasn’t due to volume, but how it affected the sound. Vocals and drums got much clearer, but to me the guitars got muddier except for solos. I’m a guitar player, so I always wanted to hear as much guitar as I could. I’m going to look into some more specialized plugs that are designed specifically for music and how much of a difference they make.

  • Dave Peers on

    Glad you’re sharing this. I second much of the above. What did me in was playing next to the cymbals of loud drummers for years. I have full blown tinnitus. I recently saw Foo Fighters at a club in DC and ended up next to the PA without plugs which took my tinnitus to a new level. I take half a Zolpidem to get to bed and sleep with the TV on. If I can’t see my wife or kids speak, I have trouble distinguishing what they’re saying. I’ll be 50 in March, and I matter of factly accept this is my fate and the price paid for being a musician/avid concert goer. For those of you that don’t have it, please wear foam expanding plugs at shows, full in ear. As the band comes on for the first song, you can pull out the plug just enough to get the right mix of volume and protection. If you play, stand as far from the cymbals as you can, and by all means, protect your kids hearing.

  • Robert Byrnes on

    Chronic sufferer for years and very loud ringing as well. I go everywhere ith earplugs. When the weathe r is nice and the windows are down,plugs along with concerts or even just cranking it up in my car. I sleep with a fan on every night as the white noise from the fan drowns out the ringing. Hearing good,overall. Yearly check up is a must.

  • Sean Murray on

    Years ago I went to see Winger and Lynch Mob back to back at a small club called World Stage in NY.
    Standing room and PA’s all over. You could feel the air from PA’s hitting your jeans. Ears rang for days and the pain went down into the shoulders. It was unreal after the first night. Armed with only cotton balls the second night, it didn’t help.
    I would never go to a small club so close without plugs at this point. If the musicians can wear them, then so can I without feeling any bit of old. Rather not lose any hearing. Then I can’t listen to music at all.

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